How Rewards Programs Can Help

Having been housebound for much of the last six years and unable to work a job that demands a regular schedule and more energy than I have to expend, I turned to rewards programs to help make ends meet. I’ve tried a number of reward programs, but always go back to Swagbucks, which I consider to be the best.


At Swagbucks, you not only earn rewards for shopping at hundreds of popular online retailers, you can also earn points—called SB’s or Swagbucks—just by completing tasks for them, which means you don’t ever have to put up your own money to make some. It’s very simple, these tasks consist of doing things like visiting websites, printing coupons, watching videos, signing up for free trials, AND when you refer a friend, you receive 10% of what they earn for life.

The best part of the program for me is that if I become too ill to work at any given time, I’m not in danger of losing my SB income because it’s entirely up to me how often I do it, when I do it and what I do it for. In fact, the first couple of years I was doing Swagbucks, or “swagbucking” as my husband and I affectionately call it, I only did enough for our holiday and birthday presents every year. Since, we’ve used it for everything from new laptops to absorbing the costs of my meds.

Since it’s a rewards program and you receive gift cards for the swagbucks you earn, it’s not technically a job, but it can provide a decent cushion, provide gift cards toward your next vacation, or support your scrapbooking hobby. You can also get just about any gift card you can imagine to purchase just about everything under the sun, including paypal gift cards.

Swagbucks Quickstart Guide:

  • It took me a while to figure out how to make the most of Swagbucks so I will share with you some tips. Check back on occasion, as I plan on adding to this list.
  • Sign up with Swagbucks by clicking here. You will get 150 SB’s to help you get started or if there’s a new member promotion, you could get 300 or more to start!
  • Be sure to provide an email address you check frequently as they will send you plenty of great opportunities to earn, tips, info on contests, and other useful information.
  • 100 SB’s equal $1.00. Just add a decimal point two places to the left and you know the worth of your swagbucks.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Swagbucks platform. Look at the different sections and ways to offer.
  • Install the Swagbutton on your preferred browser. I use Firefox, which works great with the platform. The swagbutton will help you do more faster.
  • Find special offers to take advantage of that are free or for free trials. If you sign up for something and you know you want to cancel it before you have to pay for it, put it on your calendar or to do list to make sure you follow through.
  • Do surveys. There are new surveys everyday with varying values and time commitments. It’s all spelled out pretty well and easy to do.
  • Meet your daily goal. There are two each day and you earn bonus points by meeting them.
  • Swagbuck every day, meeting at least your first goal. This way you will meet the monthly goals that earn you even more bonuses! I always try to meet at least the 21 day goal for a 200 point bonus, but of course I prefer to get the full 300 for completing the entire month. Note it’s called a 30 day goal, but if there are 31 days in the month, you have to do all 31 to qualify!bonus tracker
  • Run multiple tasks at the same time to get the maximum benefit for your time spent swagbucking. Some tasks will not complete if you navigate away from them, but many will. See my guide for some helpful hints.
  • Sign up for a feed, facebook, twitter or some other outlet that alerts you to swagcodes. Swagcodes= free swagbucks! Here’s a great site that takes most of the guestwork out of them, Pay attention to notes on swagcode extravaganza, when they give out several in one day.
  • Participate in contests to get bonuses and swagups that give back a portion of the SB’s you use toward giftcards.
  • Keep track of what you do and take screenshots when completing surveys (any page of the survey will do, though a page that says you’re almost done is best) and special offers (usually of a thank you page). This way if your SB’s don’t credit, you have proof when you contact customer support and request an adjustment. Be nice when you do contact them. They’re there to help you when they can.
  • Don’t really have time to swagbuck one day? Run ncrave’s on discovery mode while doing other things and check back regularly to start a new one.
  • And check out the SB mobile app if you have a phone or tablet that you don’t mind performing tasks on. There are even more ways to earn there. It’s also a good way to keep up on swagcodes.

My Favorite Swagbucks Rewards:

I’ve used my rewards for just about everything under the sun. I can make enough to take care of our utilities, two week’s worth of groceries, or my favorite; to save up for a special gift for myself or my husband, like a new laptop or iphone, both of which I’ve bought in the last year without disrupting my monthly budget. I’ve also saved up for vacations with my husband.

  • Paypal gift cards: I like these the best because they automatically go into my paypal account and I can either use the money to shop, or I can transfer it to my checking account, which I do when we’re having a tough time meeting a high electric bill or my meds are more than expected for the month.
  • Amazon gift cards: I love to read and sometimes you get the best price for art supplies and such at Amazon. It’s a great place to holiday shop.
  • Best Buy, Dell, Amazon, and more: to feed my inner-techie.
  • Clothing store gift cards. I love taking the rewards I earn for clothing purchases and turning them into more clothes!
  • Target gift cards: A good way to keep the house stocked.
  • Travel gift cards: Want to save up for a vacation? You’d be surprised what you can find in the travel category, such as cards for airlines, travel reservation sites, cruise lines and more.

And remember, you can earn rewards at Swagbucks for almost everything you shop for online. Be sure to install the swagbutton to make sure you get the rewards you deserve!



2 thoughts on “How Rewards Programs Can Help

  1. Thanks for sharing your Swagbuck knowledge. I have yet to get a Swagup. Still do not really understand it. I do not know how to do much. Everyone else seems to be getting all these 300 and more offers and i dont so im unsure of what to do. Also i am posting my first ever comment on this word press site. I cannot seemto figure it out either. Im not good on computers at all, but soon.this worked today==bonus

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi stardust! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to your comment. For some reason my notifications never alerted me! It can be a real challenge to get used to swagbucks! I’ve just recently gone back to using it regularly and I felt like I had a few things to learn again; they’ve changed a few things!

      With the swag ups, you only get them if you hit the specified achievement for tge extravaganza AND redeem your points for a gift card before they expire. Then your bonus appears in the register after you buy the card (and if course sometimes it only counts toward certain cards) I hate this way of doing things so much I stopped participating in the extravaganzas. I swear they’re trying to trick you out of it. Still, SB is easy money and I like the new 50+sb ncraves that keep running on their own, the surveys and the discovery offers that don’t require any out of pocket.

      Just keep clicking things and trying them! It gets easier!


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