How to Make the Most of Swagbucks

There are many tasks you can complete simultaneously on swagbucks, if you understand the rules and don’t mind a bit of multitasking. While some tasks require your full attention or won’t complete properly if you don’t stay on the window you run them in, others are free and clear and can be combined with other points earning tasks at Swagbucks.


Some ncraves require you to stay on that page to complete it. Ncraves with discovery mode will run automatically whether you’re paying attention or not. Just click the box next to “discovery mode” at the top left. The yellow arrow on the screenshot below shows you how discovery mode ncraves are denoted

ncrave discovery modeUsually when you open the ncrave, section, you won’t have discovery mode ncraves available until you run at least one regular ncrave.  you have to complete at least one non-discovery mode ncrave before they will give you access to more.  Ncraves also change over time, so they may be a little different everyday. Once you complete your ncrave, you’ll want to go back to the ncrave page to start a new one when your currently running ncrave completes and gives you your points rather than choosing “Keep Craving.” This way, you can choose another discovery mode Ncrave to complete.


If you run SBTV from your swagbutton, you can pop it out so it’s in a floating window of its own. This way you can run them while running other things at the same time. Watching 10 videos will earn you 3 SB’s. 10 videos sounds like a lot until you realize you get credit after as little as 30 seconds. Just watch the meter at the stop of the page. Once it goes up by 10%, you’re free to click the next video in line.

Ngage, Discovery Breaks, and Sponsored Vidoes

You can also run jun group “discovery breaks”, Ngage and sponsored videos at the same time. They can all be found on the home page, generally next to each other in the “Earn SB’s with Sponsored Videos” section.

Sponsored Videos

When they open, I tile them on my screen so I can see them all at once and keep track of their progress and keep them moving forward quickly, something kind of like this:

Tiled WindowsI also keep my ncraves running, but those are minimized on a separate page that I check on every few minutes to make sure they are progressing correctly. Once it’s completed, I close the window, return to the nCrave tab I have open and select a new one.

If you have a powerful enough computer and enough bandwidth, you can run all 5 of these things at the same time. It takes getting used to (and kind of reminds me of the old whack-a-mole games at Chuck E. Cheese) before you will feel proficient at it, but I often do between 3-5 of these things at once and can still watch a movie or TV show so long as it doesn’t take intense concentration to follow it.

Just keep in mind that you can only run one iteration of each kind of task at one time. In other words, you can’t run two ncraves at once (in fact, the one you already have going will actually stop), or watch videos both on the popout screen of the swagbutton while also watching videos on the watch page. These things are true even if you have multiple computers. You can however run mobile videos on your phone or tablet while watching videos on your computer.

Each of these sections are usually pretty copious with offers, but you will find yourself running out (especially after the new year and sometimes during the beginning of each fiscal quarter). I try to replace it with something new if I can, such as play Swagasaurus Run or Swagjump for 10 points a day (it credits every other time you play), do searches, check out the special offers, or look for new surveys.

Speaking of survey’s, I only ever run ncraves in discovery mode when completing them. They simply require too much attention to keep switching back and forth and they are worth too many SB’s to get disqualified erroneously. If you have any tips on how to earn points faster, please share them below. I’m always looking for ways to improve!

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