Doctor/Practitioner Training on ME/CFS

gr-feb-man-sitting-bedThe CDC Public Health Grand Rounds discussion this coming Tuesday is about ME/CFS. This is the kind of information, along with current research and other information I come across, that I share with my own practitioners and make sure I come back to review once it’s posted. I recommend you do the same if you have ME/CFS as the education on it is sorely lacking for all practitioners in the United States, and really most of the world.

Not that I entirely trust what the CDC has to say, they’ve been giving sufferers the run around for decades by denying the validity of our illness, refusing funding for it, dressing it up to make it look fake by giving it sham names and keeping it out of the media to keep us looking like it’s all in our heads.

But that’s part of why I want to see it so bad. That’s part of why I want my cadre of doctors around that table. Of course the hope is that I’ll be seeing history in the making; the first time the CDC did right by sufferers of ME/CFS. More than likely, I’ll be having discussions with my doctors about what they got right and what they got very wrong. With some I’ll have to produce research and evidence to convince them. With others, they will already know because they have been through it with me. Either way, it’s a learning experience for us all. It gets us thinking about old things in new ways (if they’re willing to think at all).

So check out Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Advancing Research and Clinical Education, sometime after Tuesday February 16, 1pm ET for the presentation to be posted to the same page once it’s available. For full details, you’ll find the info here

I’m sure once I have a chance to review it all, I’ll have plenty of opinions to share here!

UPDATE: It appears this CDC Grand Rounds discussion will be featuring Dr. Nath and his upcoming NIH Clinical Study that says it’s about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but is really only about fatigue suffered in many different kinds of illnesses once you get down to the specifics. My understanding is that they want to use ME/CFS patients in the study, but they aren’t studying the disease specifically. They are however, using our research dollars to do so. MEAdvocacy explains it in detail here.


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