Effective Treatments for ME/CFS: A Review by Australian Researchers


This article highlights some of the many problems that worker time and time again in studies for ME/CFS. Its worth the read not only two understand the complexity of this problem, but also because it highlights at least a few of the drugs that do seem to be effective for helping us to fight fatigue, rintatolimod, acetyl-L-carnitine, and intravenous immunoglobulin.

While the authors seem to question the rituximab study, they are choosing to reserve judgment until the close of phase III. For more information, quick though link above.

3 thoughts on “Effective Treatments for ME/CFS: A Review by Australian Researchers

  1. Thanks for the recommendation to my article. Yes, I thought it was worth pointing out that the rituximab study probably didn’t meet the standards because they haven’t finished the phase 3 trial.
    I’m still holding out hope.

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    1. I admit, I’m hanging a lot of hope on the rituximab studies simply because I am so desperate for an effective treatment. But the researchers are correct, we need to reserve judgement and I felt their assessment of the other trials and treatments were quite sensible as well based on everything I’ve read. I was pleased to find that they included rintatolimod (ampligen) as an effective med, as it didn’t perform well in trials (the trial was designed poorly and on outdated methods) but many experts who prescribe it swear by its effectiveness in a subset of ME/CFS patients. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for everyone, but as this is not a homogenous disease, it’s doubtful one drug ever will. Anyway, I have slow cognitive processes thanks to ME and these are some of my thoughts since I initially read and pasted this as well as in response to your comments. Sorry to blather on ūüôā

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