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screen322x5722Recently, I had the pleasure of getting to know a person with ME/CFS from down under with some big motivations-to help other ME/CFS sufferers find the improved health and vitality he’s been able to find for himself-using his great new app for iphone and he was gracious enough to give me five codes to raffle off here on Disability Depot (DD) so folks have a chance to try out his new app and see the great results he has seen for himself.


Ease is very affordable on the Apple istore and is available for iphone and ipad, but right now, you may be able to get your free copy by doing a few simple things. Simply follow @caplestrange and @easecfs, tweet the text below (you can copy and paste it) and you will be eligible to receive one of five free copies:

Enter to win @easecfs helper from @caplestrange on Disability Depot Blog and you can, too! Follow both+RT to win! #Mecfs #cfs #spoonie

Winners will be announced here Friday, July 15 Friday, July 22, 2016 and will be contacted on twitter.

What is Ease?

Ease is a simple energy pacing helper developed specifically for management of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME).

Energy pacing is crucial to managing symptoms of ME/CFS. The Ease App is designed to help you keep track of daily activities and rest.
Ease works by allocating a certain amount of energy or ‘energy credits’ to you each day.
Any activity that you log will reduce this amount of energy.
Any rest that you log will increase this amount of energy.
Using Ease each day will help you find the right balance of rest and activity to avoid overexertion.

Features Include:

– Ability to log rest.
– Ability to create and log your own activities.
– Ability to save locations based on energy impact e.g. restful locations as opposed to demanding locations etc.
– Automatic updates to your energy credits based on time you spend at each saved location.
– Automatic background location monitoring (if available on your iOS device).
– Short and long term progress tracking.
– Ease calculations adjust depending on how you are progressing in both the short and long term.
– Day planner feature allows you to plan your day in advance by adding rest, activities and locations to a diary layout. Ease calculates and displays the energy credits you have remaining for the planned day as you go.

screen322x572Want to know how many “spoons” you really have? This is the program for you. No more guessing and spending days in bed because you got it wrong again, or didn’t take the time to really plan things out. This application takes the guess work out of it and helps combat the problems of trying to remember how it went the last time, because it’s all right there, recorded in the app for you to see.

Best part is it was made by someone who has ME/CFS and not by someone who just thinks they know what it requires to manage the energy deficits this disease creates. That’s what excites me about this program the most. Science has thus far failed us. The plus side to that is that we get to enjoy the ingenuity of creative and healthy solutions our fellow sufferers come up with out of desperation. Necessity is truly the mother of invention and our need is great. Programs like these are an opportunity to save a lot of people a great deal of suffering through their own trial and error.

Currently, there is no android version, but there are some hints that may be changing in the coming months. Once you use the program, please post some feedback or give @easecfs your feedback personally. I know he’d love to hear about your experiences and he’s an awfully nice fellow.

Learn more about how the Ease CFS Helper App works here.


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