The Sophistication of the Ease ME/CFS Helper App

zxhHi8wQAs I mentioned on the contest page, the Ease CFS Helper App was created by a person with ME/CFS, so I asked him what he felt was the best and most original feature in his app and what set it apart from the other apps already on the market. Boy am I glad I did! I was a bit blown away by the answer, which revealed a level of sophistication I really didn’t expect. It also highlights just how keenly he understands the ways and means of mitochondrial energy deficits:

A great feature of the app is being able to save locations based on the impact they have on your energy levels. For example, I spend most of my time at home or at work. The first time I am at each of these locations I save them as restful and demanding, respectively.  Once the location impacts have been saved as such the app will automatically increase my ‘spoons’ while I am at home and automatically decrease them while I am at work. The app also automatically decreases them when I am travelling in between saved locations. Even without logging anything the app is already counting my ‘spoons’ based on how I spend my day. This is great because let’s be honest it’s nice to free yourself from having to record your every move – especially on a bad day.

Having to micro-manage my energy is actually the reason I have only looked at using one of these apps and have never actually done it. It always sounded like it would take up as much of my energy to use it as the help it would provide. Knowing Ease only requires initial setup for my usual locations with their usual activities, now that sounds very doable for this cranky ME/CFS and FM pickled brain! Clearly, this app and it’s programmer get spoonie life 🙂

If you haven’t entered to win a free download of this app yet, be sure to here! There are many other wonderful, helpful features waiting to help get you back to the life you loved. You have until Friday, July 15th. Good luck!

To buy or learn more about the app, go here.


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