What Exactly is ME/CFS

I’ve been blogging on here for a while without giving a full and through accounting of what exactly ME/CFS is. People who are well versed in what this disorder is probably understand why that is (the complexity, the ever-changing answers brought to us through research, the ongoing debates, the availability of existing resources), but for the common person seeking answers, it’s probably not fair for me to tell you to do your own search, especially since the world is so full of misinformation about ME/CFS. Hell, the world can’t even agree on a name for it. However, I came across this article that questions fatigue and it’s role in ME/CFS and it actually does a fairly good job of of encapsulating the primary symptoms and complications that arise with the illness. So, I thought I would present it as a sort of a primer instead of using it for it’s actual purpose, which honestly doesn’t seem to be clear.

Then, like almost everything to do with ME/CFS, I do have a few bones to pick with it right out of the box, of course. It states that fatigue “it is the main problem in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME).” While fatigue causes us endless problems, it is not the main problem in the illness, nor would those of us who suffer from it always consider it the worst. It is a side effect like any other and is believed to be due to malfunctioning mitochondria, which is more than likely caused by dysautonomia. To me personally, the cognitive dysfunction caused by ME/CFS is worse, but that’s just my opinion. Having been a writer and academic prior to being struck with this disease, I value my intellect above all, I suppose.

There are other problems with it, discoveries they’re making daily that I could use to pick apart the article, but I won’t. That’s what my other blog posts are for. What I’m using this article to demonstrate are the basic symptoms and health care inadequacies we face daily. Read away, but read, as with EVERYTHING (didn’t the PACE study prove this?) with a questioning mind.

Also keep in mind that ME/CFS is a heterogeneous illness and there are between 4-6 types of the disease, depending on who you ask, so this is truly just the basics.

Investigating unexplained fatigue in general practice with a particular focus on CFS/ME

And as always, please share your thoughts!  I really don’t like talking to myself. I feel crazy enough as it is with the cognitive dysfunction I have to live with thanks to this disease!

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