It seems like a small thing to have help getting a motorized scooter at the grocery, but as many disabled people know, it can sometimes be a nightmare. There often are too few or kids joyride them and kill the batteries. Sometimes, someone will question whether or not you need them because you have an invisible illness, or you just plain old get dirty looks, so when you come across great stories like this one, it’s worth sharing!


Quickly, I’d like to add that it’s against the law for anyone to question whether or not you actually need this accommodation or deny it to you. If this ever happens, get a manager involved right away and don’t put up with being bullied. Most places do NOT want this to happen to their customers and will appreciate it being pointed out when an employee is behaving inappropriately to a valued customer. As unpleasant as they just made your day, you aren’t the one with the problem, they are.

To submit some great news to #GNAN, go here

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