New Shower Chair in Town


Not having a walk/roll in shower, I have searched long and hard for a shower chair that will accommodate a traditional shower/bath combo. I finally found it! The Spa Seat Shower Stool goes for $37.99 (-5% if you use your target credit or debit card). It will hold 265 lbs and is designed to fit even the smallest tub, unlike the bench style seats because it has a sturdy 3 legged metal design with slip resistant feet that hold it in place. It even came fully assembled.

With The Spa Seat, you can use it in an apartment or without the expensive upgrades to your bathroom. You can use it throughout your shower, as a foot stool to prop up your legs to shave, or to take short breaks during any portion of your shower. It’s compact enough, there’s room enough for you to stand while it’s in there with you. You can’t really lounge on it per se, but you can’t so much even in the backed version of the other shower chair. They just aren’t that comfortable no matter how many bells and whistles they come with. It is good and sturdy though and I feel quite comfortable scrubbing away perched on the Spa Seat.

It works really well if you have orthostatic intolerance issues, as standing in one place under a fountain of hot water is about the worst thing you can do if you have POTS, NMH or another common blood pressure or blood volume issue. Not only are these two things a problem, add in raising your arms over your head for a good shampooing and you’re just asking for disaster to strike.

The drawback? It’s not quite as stable and secure as the traditional bench seat, so it’s not going to be the right shower stool for every disabled person.  The bench style seats come in several models including a version that comes with a back and arm rests and a heavy duty version for people up to 450 lbs, providing added security for people of size and people who have stability/mobility issues. However, the bench style seat won’t fit a traditional bathtub or bath/shower combo at all.

For those who still have decent mobility and fairly good stability, this seat will work just fine. For me, since I’ve never had a shower that will accommodate the other type of chair and we rent, I’ve been stuck taking baths for the last two years almost exclusively. Some days I still won’t be able to sit up on this chair because I simply won’t have the energy it requires. When I do, it will give me the freedom to shower instead of bathe, do additional treatments on my hair I can’t do in the bath, and save me from sitting on the hard tub floor when my back or hips hurt.

My only concern with the product itself is how long it will last. While it seems to be of good quality materials and construction, it seems to me it would have been wise from an engineering standpoint to add in some crossbars for added support to ensure a long life of the product, but I guess if I have to replace it every couple of years, at $38 it won’t break the bank. Other than that, I think they’ve come up with a pretty great product and I’m happy to share it with you here on DD, as I am trying to do with all the neat stuff I find that helps make my life a little easier.

Now to find a detachable shower head to go with it!

One thought on “New Shower Chair in Town

  1. We have a traditional shower/tub combo too, and my four-legged shower chair just barely fits. If I’m ever in the market for a new one, I’m going to keep this option in mind.

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