When you have a Primary Immunodeficiency Disease (PID), your body’s energy stores become more precious than any metal our pale blue dot could ever produce for any empire. How you choose to spend that energy takes on new meaning. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I am always so enamored of the art work I see produced by my PID brethren; I know what every single stroke of the brush costs them and I am humbled by the beauty that always seems to spring from that agony.

Mural by Jordan Flower, reprinted with permission.

This project seems that much more striking, knowing it’s art for the enjoyment of one, made by granddaughter for the pleasure of her grandmother alone. The massive spread of the mural took Flower, a university student, most of the summer to complete, requiring many hours in the sun for a woman struggling with a condition traditionally at odds with heat and hard work….


Mural by Jordan Flower. Reprinted with permission.

making this beauty one gigantic, incredibly moving, labor of love.

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