FaceBlaster now available! 

This post contains affiliate links. It was last updated 4/17/20.

The FaceBlaster, which is the smallest Blaster available from Ashley Black designed specifically for use on the face, hands and feet, is finally available! It’s the first time it’s been available without pre-order since I began blasting. Right now, it comes packaged with oils, lotion and cleanser for $99. You can now purchase it solo or as a gift set on Ashley Black Guru.

There are tutorials and instructions, here. I highly recommend this product to those with migraines, carpel tunnel, plantar fasciaitis and persistent aches in the areas of the head, neck, jaw, hands and feet. The mini2 works in these areas, but with the smaller prongs on the FaceBlaster, you’re going to see more effective treatments in these areas with their tiny, delicate bones and features. That’s why I put my order in today.

I’m also hoping that the FaceBlaster will help me get the waddle under my chin under control. At 45, I have barely a wrinkle, but my chin and my neck are fighting for territory 😅

Since fasciablasting has been such a popular topic, I am also working on compiling a list of resources on the subject that I will be posting in the next week, as well.

I’m thrilled fasciblasting is of such interest to the community and so many people are taking their wellness into their own hands. Happy blasting!

Since this was originally posted, I’ve written extensively on the Faceblaster and its many benefits. Check it out!

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