100th Post and an Update

I just published my 100th post on Disability Depot about the dietary changes I’ve made that have helped me to get back to being the person I used to be. A 100th post feels like a bit of a milestone, since there has been many a week or even month that I’ve been too light sensitive to use my computer or too fatigued and brain fogged to write anything of substance. There have been many times I’ve considered giving up, wondering if this blog really benefits anyone, if maybe I’m just sitting here talking to myself, which I can do perfectly fine without the glaring screen and keyboard. But my stats and little list of followers and occasional likes here and there tell me my voice is occasionally heard, even if I rarely receive any response.

Curious, I scrolled through to see what my most popular posts have been. By far, the winner is Fascia Treatments for EDS and Fibromyalgia , which I love because wellness is so important to me and fasciablasting is so integral to my path to wellness right now. I began this blog with the belief that my experiences have coalesced into a certain level of expertise and that maybe someone will benefit from that knowledge. I love sharing what I’ve learned with other people and I truly hope it will bring someone else the same kinds of exciting changes it has brought me.

It’s been a long and winding path, but the road to wellness is rarely a linear one. I had to let go of the belief that the American medical-industrial complex would swoop in and save me, if only I found the right doctor. I had to spend hours and hours reading and considering, experimenting and sometimes failing. It’s like doing the cha-cha. Sometimes your illness propels you forward, sometimes it pushes back.

It’s been much the same with this blog. There are things I wish I’d done differently, things I’ve long since published that I might change or even take back if I could now. Nothing “wrong” exactly, but now I know they were only stepping stones along the way that might have been less significant than originally stated.

Still, despite the changes and additions in diagnoses, the evolution of my therapies, I feel like I’ve put together some pretty stand up advice on how to treat a wide variety of symptoms and helped to spread some awareness and new understanding while giving myself an outlet for my need to stay connected with the outside world while I was forced to live a mostly homebound life.

Thanks to all of my discoveries and hard work, I’m happy to announce that’s becoming less and less true. First came the nutritional and mitochondrial supplements and dietary changes, then I began the treatments with the FasciaBlaster, all the while weaning myself from the staggering number of medications my trove of doctors put me on. All to arrive at a place where I am now able to enjoy a couple of hours out shopping, exploring, talking with neighbors, and generally enjoying a bit of what life has to offer all without the use of any assistance devices.

My latest triumph includes enjoying my first head pain free days in years. As this is such a complex topic, I want to save it for a blog post of its own, but I can tell you what a relief it is to actually be clear of this pain and how it had become so much the norm for me that I didn’t even recognize that it was always there until I finally free of it.

Yet, my disability is far from over. I’m still managing my head pain an hour at a time. I’m still running out of energy after a few hours. I still ache like I worked a 12 hour day after just three. I may feel refreshed from three hours of standing around or a grocery trip after a good night’s sleep, but three days in a row of it and I’m exhausted for several days. I’m still working out some of my food intolerance and need to be tested for all allergens and a mast cell condition, because I need some help with these and all the flares they’re constantly causing.

The road is considerably brighter, though and I find myself daydreaming about a future that might include a career and a social life again. The social life seems to slowly be taking shape. I have neighbors I like to talk to and another woman has started coming over to workout together with the FasciaBlaster. These connections were dearly missed. But the career will have to wait until I am genuinely prepared both mentally and physically to maintain a job and care for myself while maintaining my therapies. I also have to face the fact that it’s possible that I’ll never get there, though I prefer to be optimistic and believe that the steady strides I have attained over the last year will continue.

I’ve thought a few times about revamping the blog, giving it a different name and focus. There are many things I planned for it that I never did and may yet never accomplish though screen glare isn’t really a problem so much anymore. The problem now is that what I want to spend my time on is getting better rather than talking about getting better and that requires a very different sort of work than sitting under this laptop!

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2 thoughts on “100th Post and an Update

  1. Delighted to hear of improvements due to your hard work! Keep it up. Blog about all the pieces – for the historical record, yourself, and the rest of us. You never know when something you say will be the key to someone else’s problem – you have to trust the gift of writing is meant to be used. Few have it – many read.

    I’m curious about the mitochondria myself, but have been under the weather, so I’m way behind again, and novel writing comes first – unless something is a sure thing, and nothing has been yet. Not your fault – it appear to be my body’s condition (I hate to say fault – too much of that going on).

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    1. Thanks, Alicia. It is precisely my wish to help others that propelled me to begin this blog and keeps me writing it. I am also very careful, as I read, research and discuss the therapies I choose with experienced patients or practitioners before finally trying them for several months myself before they ever hit the page here. Ultimately, though, I do all of this for myself and pass on what I’ve learned because that is simply my nature.


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