Try These Apps for Glare Sensitivity

Editor’s Note: This post was updated 1/14/20. Thank you.


f.lux and Twilight are apps that allow you to adjust the brightness of your computer or cellphone screens, not only by dimming them, but by giving them a rosy glow; effectively taking the sting out of any screen by eliminating the painful bright whites that are so glaring. After installing f.lux on my computer, I’ve been able to significantly increase my computer time without increasing any of my symptoms or disturbing my sleep patterns.

That’s not all these apps are good for. f.lux and Twilight were created to dim your computer or smartphone at night to prevent the disruption of your natural circadian rhythms. f.lux, which I’m using on my computer now, can even dim it gradually with sunset so it happens naturally. I’m not certain about twilight as I haven’t tried it out, yet. What this function does is to help you return to your natural circadian rhythms, which can easily be upset by bright light, possibly aiding in better, more restorative sleep and a calmer nervous system.

programs like f.lux and twilight provide blue light protection you can use for light sensitivity and to protect your natural circadian rhythms from being harmed, causing insomnia and any number of other issues. While many phones and computers have built-in blue light filters, these apps and programs can adapt even those without it.

You can also adjust your daytime screen to any level of softness that works for you. I use a slightly rosy glow for daytime and let it dim significantly at night, sometimes making adjustments when working on images to ensure I have full resolution. It’s easy to make adjustments or disable it temporarily.

With both the reduction in migraine inducing glare and the added benefit of working to enhance circadian rhythms rather than the usual disruption screen glare can cause, programs like these could be a big win for any spoonie who suffers from migraines, glare sensitivity, and sleep issues. Both of these apps are free. You can find Twilight here or in the app store on your android phone and f.lux offers free downloads here for your computer. Upon searching there appear to be others, as well. If one doesn’t work well for your needs, you can always try another. It definitely beats turning your brightness all the way down and wearing sunglasses!

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