Younger Releases Preliminary ME/CFS Subset Study Results

Editor’s Note: This post was last rechecked and updated on 4/13/19. Thank you.

Jared Younger, one if the freshest minds on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome research seems to have already uncovered three distinct subsets of the illness. The first points to a distinctly viral kind which produces C reactive protein that corresponds directly with patient’s reported fatigue. The second subset’s fatigue correlates directly with changes to the immune system itself and may  be an unidentified immune deficiency or autoimmune disease, while the third is being caused by yet unknown factors requiring more investigation.

The video below provides greater detail from Younger himself and includes charts of the three different types.

If you prefer to read, this link to Cort Johnson’s excellent breakdown of the findings will help  you to better understand the overall ramifications and importance of the study.  I recommend taking a gander at both to fully understand and interpret this information.

This is the kind of break ME/CFS patients have been looking for for decades, as until we understand the subsets of this illness and their exact cause, no effective therapies can be developed to treat the millions of people suffering from this illness. I will continue to share information as it becomes available on this and other ongoing studies about ME/CFS and other spoonie-related illnesses. To ensure you don’t miss anything, follow me on Facebook or Twitter feeds, as I don’t always write everything up on my blog.

ME Subset Study Pin 1

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