Dietary Changes to Improve Every Spoonie’s Health, Pt. 2

Or yourself!

When I wrote part 1 of this article and spoke about the known effects of glyphosate (aka roundup) in the body and the possible effects, I couldn’t find any studies to back up my suspicions that glyphosate and other herbicides and pesticides like it are contributing to the major uptick in autoimmune, connective tissue and neurodegenerative diseases in our world. Well, I just found it. This review of studies completed as far back as 2013 found a huge body of evidence that links the use of these chemicals to the growing rates of chronic disease. Check out the abstract below:

Where did I find this study? Among hundreds listed by Enter at your own risk, for you will likely be spending hours reading horror after horror of the effects on glyphosate and other herbicides and pesticides on many a living creature, appalled that you’ve ever been tricked into injesting the carcinogenic, neurodegenerative, mRNA decaying, infertility and birth defect causing stuff. There is literally not a system it doesn’t effect, including our precious microbiomes and DNA. But seriously, at least read through some of the study names. The list is an amazing indictment of the stuff.

I don’t care how little your SSDI check is, no one can afford the vost to their health to eat this stuff. If you aren’t carefully screening everything you purchase and put in your mouth, you are ingesting it, right down to your tap water. Not sure what’s in your tap water? Check EWG’s tap water database to find out. Then get the appropriate water filtration system to protect your health. I’d even question your bottled water as much if it’s purported to be unfiltered tap water purchsed from major municipal water sources like my own which happens to have umsafe levels of lead, hexavalent chromium, nitrates, trihalomethanes, and 1,4-dioxane, just to name a few. I’m not a fan of bottled water in the first place for all the waste, no matter what kind of container it comes in.

At the grocery, be sure to check labels and watch the news for companies who have been caught scamming the public by getting certified as organic and GMO-free who aren’t keeping up with those promises, primarily those resold under your grocer’s labels. The absolute worst offenders are wheat, corn and soy, but glyphosate is used on almost everything in conventional farming and conventional animal products too come with a heaping helping of glyphosate due to their feed.

To avoid it, buy certified organic produce and grass fed organic and heritage raised meats and make your own foods from whole ingredients whenever possible. Avoid eating at restaurants that don’t practice the same things that you do at home.

Eliminating these things from my diet helped me somewhat to feel better and reduce some of the neurological effects of these toxins, but I saw my biggest strides by detoxing and repairing tge damage. I did this by taking curcumin and glutathione for a year to cleanse the toxins and help heal the mitochondrial damage. I also believe taking acytl-l-carnitine helps some in this department, by slowing the decay of mRNA and allowing it fuel to aid in repair. I still continue to take the acytl-l-carnitine as I always see an uptick in my symptoms when I attempt to quit, so it does something more (perhaps helps keep the constant damage of untreated chiari or CCI at bay?), but I’m not chemist enough to understand exactly why it helps keep my nerve pain and migraines at bay. I just know it does.

Anyway, I covered most of this stuff in my first article here, but I wanted to present my new findings and emphasize the importance of getting this stuff out of your diet. I feel very strongly that diet contributes so much to the quality of life one can expect to have with an autoimmune illness and it should be everyone’s first line of defense. Once you begin eating right and repairing the damage, you might find just like me, that you have a real chance of living a semi-normal, comfortable life.

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