The Spoonie Dilemma of Hair Care

I’m always looking for ways to make my life a little easier or to conserve my precious spoons, especially on the days I need to look presentable and get to leave my house. One of the ways I’ve found that makes my life a heck of a lot easier is to grow my hair long. As I’ve been growing my hair longer, my hope has been to reduce my grooming time rather than increase it. I know this seems counter intuitive to some, but a lot of the time short hair is a bigger hassle than long hair for a multitude of reasons, like how often it needs washed, how well it survives a night of sleep, and how I can style it.

First, let’s talk about the cons of short hair. Short hair gets greasier faster since there’s less of it, requiring that you wash it more often. Washing it can be a real energy suck. You either have to stand over the sink, shower or bathe and that can be really difficult for us POTSies who often suffer fatigue and can’t say on our feet for very long without getting dizzy spells. Many of us also suffer from dry skin and need to bath less so that our natural oils have a chance to moisturize us. I don’t know about you, but I’m applying lotion and coconut oil to my skin everyday even without showering, so my skin doesn’t need the added aggravation of extra bathing.

The bedhead with short hair is outrageous. I kept my hair short for decades and never was there a morning that I woke up without looking like a deranged electrocution case. There’s never the possibility of just waking up, throwing your hair in a ponytail and going on about your day. To compound these problems, it takes a lot of product to fix and hold short hair, so washing and re-fixing it almost daily is always a must no matter what you do, unless you’re actually comfortable walking around looking like the Heat Miser.


Even when I wore my hair in a Chelsea (everything short-clipped except for the bangs) I still had to wet my hair down every morning or I looked like a punrock sunflower! Another bad thing about constantly washing your hair is that you also have to dye it more often, as it fades your dye job. Definitely a spoonie downer.

But once my hair got to shoulder length, I started waking up with my hair in a mostly downward position and things started getting much easier. A few flicks of a straight iron or a ponytail holder and I was pretty much set. I could also extend my time between washings to every 3-4 days. I couldn’t get free of the blow dryer, though. I have fine hair that was straight most of my life, but started turning curly as I’ve gone grey. As a result, I have straight hair on some parts of my head and curly hair in others. If all this disarray isn’t hard enough for my Type-A personality to deal with, the amount of frizz it’s brought to my hair certainly puts the cherry on top. To combat this, I’ve used blow dryers, curling irons and straighteners to achieve uniformity, but that all takes a lot of work. And of course summer only makes these problems worse.

Then I met air dry products. I picked up a tube of Beyond the Zone Air Works for under $7 at Sally. I didn’t have a whole lot of confidence in it, but I was so tired of spending so much time on my hair on a day that no one would see it in preparation for another day just to conserve spoons that I decided to try it. I figured if it did even a half way decent job I’d plunk down the big bucks for a more expensive brand. Turns out I didn’t need to.

Air Works seemingly does everything I want with absolutely none of the work that I  was doing before. All you have to do is towel dry your hair, apply a nickel-sized dollop to your hair and style it however you want it to dry. I just twisted several sections to get these ringlets. The pic above was taken before it was completely dry, so it actually gets a bit fuller and the curls enlarge a little bit more, but it stays nice and shiny and doesn’t get frizzy at all. Best yet, there’s no crunchiness, stickiness or residue that leaves your hair feeling dirty and gross. Once it’s mostly dry, I apply a little hair spray and I’m good to go for the whole day. Now I can wash and fix my hair the same day that I’m going out without worrying so much about getting too worn out to enjoy myself, or I could just wet it down and go from there.

My hair is too fine to hold the curl overnight, but it does still look pretty good the next day when I brush it out and this product is light enough that it doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it look greasy, a big bonus for how long I like to go between washings. I think it would also work great for braids and updos, as it cuts down so much on the frizz, but leaves your hair so soft and shiny.

There are plenty of air dry products out there to try ranging from quite affordable to salon quality expensive. BTZ’s is the only one I’ve tried so far, but I’m sure I’ll be trying others, as it’s the only type of product I’ve ever used that works for curls that doesn’t leave my hair feeling like it was dipped in syrup or salt water and I find natural looking hair really appealing these days. Kind of ironic given the dozens of crazy hairstyles and colors I’ve worn, but I guess we all have to grow up sometime ūüėČ

And no, I’m not being paid for promoting this product. It’s just something I liked that’s making my life a little easier so I wanted to share it with my other spoonie friends to make their lives easier, too!



2 thoughts on “The Spoonie Dilemma of Hair Care

  1. One of my biggest crutches is my slap cap. I have very curly hair, and if I don’t sleep in a cap, forget it! But I hate short hair. I could clip it super short… ugh. I had it that way all through growing up as the local hairdressers said I had ‘black hair’ only not so kindly. Um, no. Anyway, this cap is like a regular cap lined with satin. It’s amazing! ūüėć

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    1. Fir some readon I’m just now finding this comment ūü§Ē a cap like that sounds great. Maybe it woukd cut down even more on the bed head for me, too! Thanks for the tip! ūüėö


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