FaceBlaster Beauty Results

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Normally I don’t discuss the aesthetic side of fasciablasting because that’s not why I got into doing these treatments. If you refer back to my previous articles about the Faceblaster, you know I’ve used it to relieve many of the symptoms related to my EDS and many comorbid conditions. When I bought the Faceblaster to treat my migraines though, I couldn’t help but try to eliminate my sagging neck when I noticed the frown lines on my forehead disappearing along with my chronic tension headaches. Four months later, here are my results:

I don’t want to sound conceited or anything, but you could have knocked me over with a feather when I set up these collages for comparison, because clearly I look years younger. I couldn’t believe the changes that have occurred in just four short months. Not only are there huge improvements in my neck, but my skin overall is much firmer and smoother, my undereye bags have greatly improved, any wrinkles I had have been eradicated and my skin tone is more even, brighter and more youthful looking. It’s a bit difficult to tell in these pics, but my eyebrows are also remarkably fuller.

When you look at your face daily, you realize these changes are occurring, but you don’t realize just how dramatic they really are until you put yourself side by side with old pics. Even though I still have some progress to make on my neck, I no longer feel like it screams “Old bat! Old bat!” Like some sort of derranged parrot. I feel more confident and like my face matches how I feel on the inside.

The best thing about it is that it’s completely natural, requires no expensive, toxic serums or lotions that you have to keep buying over and over and only takes a few minutes a week. It’s also far more effective, from what I can see.

It’s ridiculously simple to do. Once or twice a week before my shower, I pull my hair back, put a little coconut oil on my face and use the Faceblaster to treat the areas that I want to see changed. For me, this includes my forehead and brows, my undereye area, to either side of my nose and lips, my nose, my jawline, chin and neck.

I only massage each area for 1-2 minutes, very gently with the faceblaster before moving on. I did go through the feared and fabled worse before better stage in the neck area, but it didn’t last long and I have a feeling this was in part due to the fact that I was losing weight during this process. Not everyone experiences a worse before better stage and the gentler the touch, the better the chances of avoiding it.

For a faceblaster tutorial, go here.

The faceblaster does a number of things to turn back the clock and reshape the face. It eliminates any fascia bundles causing wrinkles, or lumps. It breaks down fat (be careful not to use it in places you’d like to remain plump, like cheek bones, unless you really want to slim them some) and allows you to sculpt and accentuate certain features by picking and choosing what you work on and how much, it tightens the skin and gives the skin a deep detox.

For a while, I was breaking out like a teenager after each treatment, but as you can see, it was good news in the long run. My skin no longer appears bumpy and pockmarked. I even had a cyst erupt and completely resolve itself that I’d had since I was a teen. I remember the doctor telling me I’d be living with it for the rest of my life. I have news for him!

My eyebrows have grown thicker and fuller too, because once your fascia is in good shape, there’s nothing restricting hair growth. Using the Faceblaster on my head has brought a wealth of new growth and much healthier hair there, as well. The thicker the hair and eyebrows, the more youthful the look. Skin isn’t the only thing that gives away one’s age.

Not that I’m afraid to grow old, but as someone who has spent the better part of the last ten years housebound and is finally able to get out again, I want to look how I finally feel, youthful and energetic. I may be 45, but I’ve lost a decade and I don’t mind having the opportunity to turn the clock back on my face, if nothing else.

If the Faceblaster can improve my face this dramatically after four months of intermittent use (I confess, I’m not devout at all), just imagine what it can do for someone who doesn’t have a collagen disorder and does stick to her routine. Of course the best part for me is still that it relieves my many aches and pains, but I have to admit, this is pretty damn amazing and worth the one time cost of this device alone!

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