Recipe Update

Since I started into this crazy Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) flare, I’ve pretty much been forced to put my recipe design and creation on hold for the time being. I thought my FODMAP restrictions were limiting, but combining those with the low histamine diet I’m being forced to live on pretty much puts me in the position of eating the same things over and over.

Right now, I’m reacting to vinegar, which means I can’t have any condiments, pickled products, or make anything that calls for vinegar. I’m also having some difficulty with chili powders, chocolate, yeast, bananas and raisins. As I was relying on some of those things pretty heavily for some flavor in lieu of garlic, onion and other prohibited carbohydrates, I’m at a bit of a creative loss currently. I’m living mostly on meat, a few greens, potatoes and cantaloupe, when I can manage to eat at all. Cooking without tasting your attempts is like painting blind, so I certainly can’t do that. I also rely on how my own body reacts to recipes to test them, so there’s also that. I would still have my husband’s input, but a sample size of two is already ridiculously small.

Then there’s the added fatigue and other symptoms I’ve been dealing with. The last two days have me bedridden because I fucked up and went off my “rescue” meds, which I just can’t seem to live without right now. My brain fog is really high also, which is the enemy of all things writing and production so if I don’t seem like my usual self, that’s because I’m losing the battle, and that entails an actual loss of self. That’s how cognitive impairment works. I have neither the energy or the cognition to do these things right now.

I have a few recipes left to publish if I can get tge raving squirrels in my head to behave. If the quercetin I ordered ever comes in and does what it should, maybe I can get back to doing more. I was really looking forward to seeking out new summertime flavors to spice things up. In the meantime, please bear with me. I appreciate my loyal recipe readers more than you know!

In fact, we’ve hit a few milestones recently, in part thanks to the success of the new low FODMAP recipe section. We just hit over 500 likes!

We also have over 130 blog followers! This combined with our 80+ FB followers, 230+ Instagram followers, and 733 Twitter followers, gives us well over 1100 followers in total across all our social media platforms, so thank you for helping to make it a success! You make my days a brighter and more meaningful! ❤⚘💋🍾🥂

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