New Zebra Pit Groups on FB

What’s better than a lone zebra? A whole dazzle!

Come join the herd! We are thrilled to announce we now have discussion groups for for our followers on facebook. Have something you’ve read about on the blog you’d like to discuss? Come chat with us!

Zebra Pit Groups

We’ve also started a private group for spoonies and zebras with complex PTSD, but you must have both PTSD and a spoonie condition to join. I’ve built this group around the knowledge and PTSD complicates chronic illness and vice versa. It’s about how they interplay, as well as doing the work necessary for recovery. If you’re interested in doing group support and recovery work, drop us an email or pm on facebook. This is an invitation only group.

We also recently started a Pinterest page! Here are all the ways to connect with us on social media: Join us on Facebook by going here:, on instagram as @caplestrange, on pinterest as The Zebra Pit, on Youtube here or you can find us on Twitter as @caplestrange.

We try to offer something unique on each of these sites, so following us in multiple places is beneficial in most cases. Following us on social media also helps us to gain more followers and in turn, help more people! Please follow us on any sites you use. As always, thanks for your support!

2 thoughts on “New Zebra Pit Groups on FB

  1. This is an awesome idea. Unfortunately, Facebook will tell the world I have C-PTSD alongside EDS if I join under my real name. Any chance there could be a version somewhere where we could participate in the message board under our blog identity?

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    1. Actually, I made it a private group rather than just closed for exactly this reason. No one can see that you’re in the group or request membership without first knowing about it. If you’re comfortable with that, I need you to like the zebra pit blog page on FB and drop me a pm letting me know it’s lavenderandlevity and I’ll add you!


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