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Exercises for Jamming Ankles


In this video, I demonstrate a series of progressively more challenging exercises you can use to strengthen the ankles, calves and feet to help zebras and masties avoid subluxations, dislocations and jams. These exercises are easy to do and require no equipment.

I finish the video with a hands-free foot and calf stretch used to comfort achy muscles. Remember, stretching and exercise built around stretches, such as yoga, is not recommended for people with collagen issues and these should only be done when dealing with chronically tight tendons or muscle spasms.

Have an area that you’re looking to improve and not sure what to do? Drop me a message and help me decide which exercises to highlight next!

On Independence Day, we took my step-son out for a meal on his birthday. I wore 1 1/2″ high heels for the first time in almost a decade without any foot or ankle pain! Yay!


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4 thoughts on “Exercises for Jamming Ankles

  1. What a great video, thank you for sharing. I think I might try these now that I’m out of my ME/CFS flare. My joints could use some strengthening without too much exertion.

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback! I wore my first pair of heels in 10 years on Wednesday and it went great! They were only 1 1/2″, but I was actually comfortable the whole time! I hope these help you, too. Good luck!

      1. Ah, that’s amazing! Glad it’s helping you.

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