How to Set Healthy Boundaries

Setting Boundaries Meme

Here’s an excellent guide on eliminating boundary crossing. If you commonly feel like you’re being taken advantage of, you probably are and this is going to be an enlightening read for you. What most people fail to recognize is their own culpability in the situation. I’m by no means saying one should stew in their share of the responsibility; what I suggest is that you take responsibility instead, by following the excellent advice below.

It’s tricky. It takes a lot of work and a little courage, but once you manage to sink the first successful fence posts, you realize just how much more manageable life can become when you’re no longer everyone’s doormat. Of course, it’s much easier with the new people in your life than those who are accustomed to trespassing, but you will be pleasantly surprised how much others respect you when you show them how much you respect yourself and begin the regular practice of saying, “No.” If you’re a person living with an autoimmune condition that forces you to guard your energy stores like they’re the last bit of grain on the planet, you couldn’t do yourself any greater service.

How to Set Healthy Boundaries


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      1. Thanks. You could also have put the link in your reply to me. I think that’s what I do.

        I’ve got the OP open, and I’m going to read it. I don’t find that much interesting to read some days, and it annoyed me I couldn’t get to the article with Google. ‘How to set healthy boundaries’ is NOT a very good title for a blog post – there were way too many to sift through!

        Some phrases are just too common.

        Off to read!

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