Toot Your Horn Tuesday Blog Share

TYHTDec18Toot Your Horn Tuesday is a place where any blogger who either has a disability or writes on topics of health and wellness for people with chronic conditions can come and share their best article each month with the Zebra Pit Community. Ideally it would be something that might interest and enrich our readers; Have a tutorial on meditation? Did you demo a product on pain relief? Wrote an article on 12 ways to achieve better sleep? Shared your story about getting a diagnosis? Created some tips on how to deal with difficult doctors? Waxed poetic over the joys of adult coloring as a way to de-stress? Share it here!

Here are the rules:

  1. The post you share doesn’t have to be on a disability health or wellness topic. If it isn’t, you must be the caregiver for, or a person affected by disability and you must occasionally use your blog to promote visibility and acceptance of disabilities (and yes, I will be checking).

For our purposes, I will be using the Merriam-Webster definition of disability: a physical, mental, cognitive, or developmental condition that impairs, interferes with, or limits a person’s ability to engage in certain tasks or actions or participate in typical daily activities and interactions.

  1. Only one post share per blog/blogger per month is allowed.
  2. You must like and follow the blog to participate (liking us on social media is great, but you must follow the actual page). If you aren’t a follower, your comment will not be approved.
  3. Be respectful of the Zebra Pit brand and the community. Rudeness, ableism, sexism, racism or any other intolerant behavior or promoted posts containing these elements will be removed. I expect the same from anyone who participates here.
  4. Blog links should be shared to Toot Your Horn Tuesday specified pages ONLY and must match the month of publication, but you can post on any day or time., NOT just Tuesday! For example: All August 2018 TYHT posts shared here should have been posted on your blog or website between 8/1/18-8/31/18. If you post it in the comments on this page on 9/15/18 or even 11/13/18, that’s fine. People come back and read old posts all the time, so it’s still worth it.
  5. Commenting will be shut down on each post after two months.
  6. These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the editors for the duration of the program.


To participate, provide a description of your blog post along with a link in the comments section of this post, which will remain open for two months. To find the comments section, scroll all the way to the bottom past the Related Posts section. Once it is reviewed for suitability, it will be posted. I will post a new Big Blog Party post on the LAST TUESDAY of each month so be sure to set your calendars to return next month and share this post to spread the word with your community and blogger friends so they can participate, too! I look forward to getting to know you and  your work better!


Please keep the conversation going! Take the time to like and comment on the blogs you enjoyed reading so our guest bloggers know you appreciate their work and will keep coming back to contribute to our knowledge base! I may use your reactions to choose certain articles to reblog periodically and build more on the types of  topics covered at the Zebra Pit as well.

21 thoughts on “Toot Your Horn Tuesday Blog Share

  1. Welcome, Helen! I look forward to reading this! I’m not a religious person, though I consider myself spiritual, but I love the architecture and history of such spaces. With my conditions and budget, travel seems less and less likely, so it’s nice to get to experience these things through someone else’s eyes! Thanks for joining us!


  2. Hi, I’m Helen from the blog ‘Helen’s Journey’. I suffer from chronic illnesses such as Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I write about my health struggles on my blog & I also run a Facebook group: ‘Helen’s Fibromyalgia Awareness & Chronic Illness Support Group’
    My blog post for August is a review of a free day out in Leeds UK, visiting the beautiful & historical views of Kirkstall Abbey. My review of this spectacular monastery also includes detailed information about disabled access & facilities available there. It really is a place for all ages and abilities to have a fun filled day!
    It’s so cool in fact, I visited twice in the space of four months! Read my review & take a peek through my camera lens…
    Helen ☺️

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  3. Hello, this was the most popular post on my blog for the month:
    It’s a review of a hot water bottle, only longer and better! 😉 I had the pleasure of trying it out and loved how the soft the fleece feels. Now I sleep hugging it like a warm bolster every night 🙂 It can also be tied around your waist as you go about your daily chores, or draped across your neck while you work 🙂

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  4. Hi, I’m Sam from My Medical Musings. I blog about living with a rare complex disease which has completely turned my life upside down and left me disabled and housebound. My blog focuses on finding ways to live as well as possible despite my physical challenges. I draw on my life experiences prior to becoming chronically ill and my faith gives me strength to look at what’s possible.
    In this blog post I’m talking about that moment when the focus shifts to the possible, rather than looking at the impossible. It’s a life changing moment. It’s the moment a cheerful heart has room to emerge.
    Hope you enjoy xx

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    1. Fantastic! So glad you decided to join us. There are a lot of Tubefed and TPN zebras. Since I have gastroparesis, IBS and MCAS, I often wonder how far off these things are in my future. I look forward learning more in your posts! Hopefully by the time it’s necessary, I won’t feel so nervous about it if I understand it all better 😊

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  5. I had a blog holiday and an actual holiday in August so very few posts but I’d love it if you had a look at this one. I was given a poetry excerpt to share by Claire Baldry but loved the book so much I gave it a review too. This is a lovely, mostly funny, poetry book looking a modern life with some super cool illustrations.

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    1. Oooh, I can’t wait to read this! I don’t know if you’ve picked this up, but I’m a poet! I’ve been remiss in following publications since maybe 2010. I got depressed about it because my brain just quit working that way (brain fog), but I’ve finally been writing creative work and poetry again. I need to dive back into reading poetry, too! This will be my jumping off point! Thanks so much for this fortuitous contribution 😊 How were your holidays? Good, I hope! xx

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      1. Ooh I’m glad to hear that you’re starting to feel creative again. What sort of subject matter do you cover? Do you any links to something that you’ve written previously?

        Yes the holiday was amazing thank you and I shall be sharing some of my travel stories shortly. There’s lots of pics on my Facebook page already. However since coming back and reading about Blogtober my mind is in overdrive so in between unpacking I’m busy prepping that.

        Thanks for giving us all this platform to share. I hope that you will take part in my new feature ‘An Aternoon of Tea and Cake for the Soul’. All will be revealed on Saturday 🙂 .

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        1. I’m intrigued and can’t wait to hear all about it! I’ll check in Saturday!

          I write a wide variety of poetry, though the last few years of writing have mostly focused on healing and recovery, both chronic illness and PTSD. I’ve never been afraid to get confessional and admit a lot of my poetry isn’t exactly relaxing. I’m a little afraid to see if any of my older published works are still floating around, but I should have 4 on chronic illness coming out soon, hopefully. They were just accepted.

          I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to do blogtober. Kind of a crazy time commitment!

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          1. Well if you’d like one featured I’m happy to print it with a link back to your blog. I did send you a FB message about it earlier.

            Yes Blogtober is a big committment. As soon as I heard about it my mind went in to overdrive. I really don’t have the time but once my head says I’m doing it I am, so busy plotting right now 🙂


  6. Hey girl, wasn’t sure where I was supposed to post this for TYOHT; so here it is; feel free to delete and direct me on where it goes if this isn’t the spot lol!
    I’ve chosen to share a post that was requested by a large number of my readers on pain medications and other treatments for Fibromyalgia, and whether/how well they work. Lots of folks who are newly diagnosed have no idea what’s out there in terms of treatment, and lots of us FM patients are always looking for better treatments (c’mon, we all know there’s a magical treatment that costs nothing out there, right? Pthhhttt…I wish). Hope this helps a lot of readers!

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    1. Thanks so much for contributing, Tessa! You did exactly the right thing. You’re not the only one who was a bit confused about where/how to comment, so I’ll update my post to make it clearer. We have lots of fibro sufferers in our community, so this post is definitely appreciated! Thanks so much 😊


  7. Hi Capricious. I’ll share a post I wrote this month about how Ehlers-Danlos affected my vision. The whole experience was rather terrifying, so hopefully knowing that it can happen and that there are solutions will be helpful for another zebra if they end up in the same boat! I’ll add a few pieces of self-care advice not in the original post, courtesy of my neuro-ophthalmologist and her guidelines for treating patients with EDS. She recommends that those whose eye muscles are loose and don’t track well together and/or have other related EDS eye problems rest their eyes daily. Listen to music or a podcast, etc., with a nice dark eye mask on, and chill out for a bit each day to give your eyes a rest just like you would put a weak joint into a brace for the same reason. Also, make sure that you look up from your computer screen for at least five minutes every half hour and blink regularly instead of hyper-fixating at the screen. These kinds of precautions will hopefully ensure that weak eye muscles and double vision don’t progress to full lens subluxation or, worse, retinal detachment.

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    1. Great post and excellent tips! What a terrifying experience. Reminds me of the first time I had an occular migraine. I’d never had an aura, I’d never heard if either and my sister had had a detached retina, so I was afraid that’s what it was. You can’t get me anywhere near an ER unless I’m unconscious, but I didn’t hesitate that day! I think I’m going to try your tips. My vision gets stuck in one focal range (I think because if MCAS, as ketotifen drops help a lot with this) and I get muscle spasms or something that make my eye twitch and the world shakes back and forth for several seconds. And for some reason, my corneas are thickening and causing really high occular pressure. Maybe it would help with a little of this. Thanks so much for sharing your post and these additional tips with us! We zebras have to protect our vision for sure! I hope your eyes are back to healthy working order with the prisms!

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