AloeMD 20% Off!

Happy Labor Day my favorite zebras and spoonies in the world!

Just a quick note to let you know that one of the BEST natural pain relievers around is having a LABOR DAY SALE!

That’s right, AloeMD is 20% off this entire week!

20180818_143823.jpgDon’t know what AloeMD does? You can read about this natural, aloe based pain reliever that heals the extracellular matrix here, along with my amazing experience using it on chronic tendonitis and a joint that simply wouldn’t stay in place, but I also have an update:

I am thrilled to report that my tendonitis is now healed and my joint now stays in place so much better! I’m no longer experiencing anymore pain or multiple subluxations every day, after using this product for only a month! It helped heal everything and for the myofascial treatments and physical therapy to do its job. My myofascial tissue, which was all bunched up and terribly inflamed all around my elbow now feels smooth and healthy! This is amazing, given I’ve been struggling with this joint for over a year and putting daily effort to rehab it since January.

I’ve also had the opportunity to use it on a shoulder subluxation. It worked just as well as the elbow subluxation on getting the inflammation down fast and helping me to get it back in place. While I usually experience a recurrence of subluxations from the same joint, it seemed to keep the inflammation down and the joint in place, because it didn’t happen again. It’s also been great at keeping my husband’s bunion pain at bay while he’s waiting to get in to see the podiatrist. So much so he forgets to put it on.

I’ve heard concerns over cost. The price is a bit shocking, but a dime sized dab is all it takes to get pain relief and while you can use it as often as you need, it takes less and less over time to treat chronic pain. These bottles are huge and said to last 90 days, but very well could last more depending on use. So far, I feel like we’ve hardly made a dent in ours and we’re people with chronic conditions who have a lot of aches and pains. A 7ml test packet actually lasted me a little over a week, so 5 ounces (148ml) is likely to last me closer to 5 months rather than 3, based on the math. To me, this makes it very reasonably priced, though I’d probably pay more given the way it works (shh, don’t tell them, lol). With 20% off, it’s a bargain for sure.

They also have a lot of other fantastic products so take a look around while you’re there. The Aloe Drink Gel is great for the tummy (and collagen boosting) and I hear wonderful things about the Thermal Lotion.

To take advantage of the sale, Visit the order page and enter the word “CODE” at checkout:


2 thoughts on “AloeMD 20% Off!

    1. What a lovely sentiment. Thanks so much, Jedi Spirit Mama (I LOVE that name)! Unfortunately with my particular mix of genetic conditions and comorbid conditions, chronic pain is a fact of life,. I’m really not complaining though. I’ve been very lucky to find some great things that make my life a lot more comfortable! I hope life is treating you well and fairly these days, friend!


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