Bigger, Better Things Coming to Zebra Pit

Please excuse the construction dust and any oddities that you might find about the site over the next week or so. I feel terrible leaving such a mess around, especially when we’re growing so rapidly, but we’re experiencing big changes right now! I finally put on my big girl pants and have fully committed to growing the Zebra Pit into the lush savanna for zebras and spoonies I’ve been dreaming about. It’s all thanks to you, my loyal readers! YOU ARE THE BESTEST EVER!!

Very little is going to change regarding content and what we offer, though you may actually see slightly fewer posts from me starting out because I have so much to do on the back-end (all the tech stuff is intense for a zebra with considerable brain fog and given the massive flare I’m in, the fog is THICK) but I’m going to do my best to get back up to speed as quickly as possible. And don’t worry. Everything you currently like about the Zebra Pit is and will remain free! Nothing is going to change dramatically from your point of view. The goal is to offer bigger, better and more.

I’ll do a more comprehensive post about changes to come once I have a firmer grasp of things to come. I’m really hoping to find someone else who’s as passionate about health and wellness for spoonies as I am to join me here, so email me if you’re excited by the prospect. well see if our visions mesh. I definitely wouldn’t turn down a volunteer willing to contribute an hour or two a week of their time to help out with odds and ends or write the occasional article, either. Seriously, email me. It feels really great to give back to the community and you can do everything in your own time. Even if you just want to contribute a single article, a recipe or some exercise tips or something. Drop me your idea.

Finally, monetizing my blog means that it’s more important than ever that I get the word out about the Zebra Pit and everything we offer here. I’m doing my best to get everything all shiny and pretty for the influx of guests and getting back on track after vacation. If you’re reading this, would you do me one of two favors?

  1. Submit a testimonial here or on Facebook letting people know how something on the Zebra Pit helped you… OR…
  2. Pick one of your favorite recent posts (available on the right hand side if you’re on a computer or tablet, or click the title to go to the home page on your smart phone) and share it to a relevant support group you belong to. If you can’t do that, share it to your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest feeds along with a brief description of what you liked about it. Odds are if you found it helpful, your friends with similar conditions will, too.

You’d be amazed what a single share to a group can do for a post. Just last week, a friend of mine shared a post to a group on Facebook. She brought me my best day ever statistically and got that post more views than most of my posts typically see over three months, let alone a single day. These post shares mean so so much and I cannot do them myself. It is simply the nature of the beast.

I look forward to sharing things with you as they develop and as ever bringing you the best, most accurate content possible. Thank you so much for your loyalty and helping me to make this dream possible for myself and thousands of suffering zebras and spoonies worldwide.

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    1. Thanks! It’s been a bit of a trial, but it’s coming along. I didn’t even change themes. I almost wish I had. I may yet. Lol. I hope yours goes more smoothly. xx


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