Mast Cell Disease Day and Resources for Sharing

The New Awareness Ribbon

Today is the first ever worldwide Annual Mastocytosis and Mast Cell Diseases Awareness Day. For the Occasion, a new website has been started to support awareness efforts around the world The site offers links to mast cell disease information in many languages and connects people with support organizations available in their country.

I don’t have anything new prepared to celebrate the day. To be honest, I wasn’t aware it was awareness day until I checked twitter this morning (oops!) so instead I wanted to share with you a few valuable resources you can share to raise awareness online and in person throughout your day, including the website above.

Did you know The Mastocytosis Society has a number of great, easy to print infographics in PDF to help you explain what these rare and complex disorders are to others?

Get them here;

On the same page, you can also find brochures to give to EMERGENCY ROOM staff when seeking emergency treatment along with brochures about Mastocytosis and MCAS. They also have a guide called “Emergency Room Protocols: A Handy reference guide to provide everything you need for emergency room visits as a patient with a Mast Cell Disorder,” and is available here.

Also, don’t forget about the great educational opportunities available at TMS. They have webinars, annual conferences and even one day regional conferences for patients and care providers.

They also offer a listing of support group meetings submitted from around the U.S.

The Mastocytosis Society Canada also offers some great resources including this general information brochure. You can also test your knowledge about Mastocytosis and MCAS with their Awareness Quiz in addition to accessing a plethora of knowledge about the condition much like TMS has.

Keep in mind that there are MCAD societies in the UK, Australia and several other countries as well that may have great resources for English speakers and things can easily be translated these days. There are studies done around the world along with differing medical practices and we can learn from them all.

Finally, here are a couple of my own favorite memes I’ve used here and across social media to help spread awareness and understanding of my condition:



I hope this helps everyone achieve their goals of spreading awareness today and keeps everyone a bit safer in doctor’s offices and emergency rooms.

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