Aloe Veritas Pure and Natural Drink Gel

Aloe Veritas Pure and Natural Drink GelHello Dazzle! I’m back with another review of a wonderful, high quality product from Aloe Veritas and I think a lot of EDSers and Masties are going to be really excited about it. After reviewing their incredible AloeMD topical pain reliever, I happened to mention the Cusack Protocol to my lifestyle coach and the role aloe juice plays. I admitted I’d always wanted to try it, but never had. So, she and her team were generous enough to send me a liter of their Pure and Natural Drink Gel which contains lemon and royal jelly! Of course I had to write a post in thanks, but this is my honest and genuine opinion of their Pure and Natural Drink Gel, which I’m excited to be sharing with you today.

Gentle on Sensitive Tummies

I wasn’t sure what to expect since I’ve never tried an aloe vera drink before. While I was mostly comfortable with the concept and excited to try it, I was also a bit wary. I’d heard stories about people having a terrible time adjusting to or tolerating aloe vera juice. As a person with MCAS, chances usually run pretty high that I’m one of those people. Of course I had no problem with AloeMD, so I felt fairly certain I would tolerate it. I just wasn’t sure how long it would take me to adjust. Since I was worried about how my sensitive spoonie tummy might react, I held onto the drink gel for a little while, waiting for a stretch of a few days where I could afford to be in the bathroom, just in case.

Turns out my worries were completely unfounded. While many people start out taking aloe vera juice in as little as a tablespoon a day, I started out with an ounce. Nothing bad happened, so I doubled it. On day three, I doubled it again, but split it into two doses and everything went great. On day four, I took the entire four ounces all at once. On day five, I said to heck with it and drank a whole 6 ounces. To my amazement everything was just fine. In fact, I was feeling pretty doggone good.

The Results

One of the first things I noticed when taking the drink gel was a reduction in heart burn and gastric pain from spasms, hiccups and general soreness in my bowels. With MCAS and possible gastroparesis, I suffer with a lot of heartburn, but didn’t experience any throughout the duration of my testing. I also felt a bit more energy than normal and all of my joints were blessedly pain free, a pretty odd sensation for a zebra. This could have been because Aloe Vera is known to relieve arthritis pain through the reduction of inflammation it provides. It’s rich source of polysaccharides (consequently the reason I feared stomach upset) have been shown to reduce joint hypermobility as well as mitigate symptoms of skin bruising and hyper-elasticity. Studies show these effects can happen in less than 30 days and while I was only on the Drink Gel for 9, I definitely noticed a difference in the joints that I have chronic issues in, that are affected by osteoarthritis and saw definite firming of the skin on my face and neck.

Taking the Aloe did seem to make my bathroom trips easier, but I didn’t have diarrhea or any other tummy upset at a 6 ounce serving. In fact, it’s effects were soothing to my gastrointestinal system overall. I noticed pretty quickly that everything seemed to be moving along more quickly than usual; very exciting since I’ve been fighting with slow gastric emptying for years. I didn’t have that brick in my belly feeling I usually get after eating and actually started getting hunger signals at appropriate intervals that felt like normal hunger signals, not like something trying to claw it’s way out of my stomach. A shocking state of affairs for me indeed.

I also noticed that my stomach was a lot flatter and more comfortable than usual. I figured this was because of inflammation, so I decided to try a test. I weighed myself in the morning before drinking my drink gel and again an hour after. I couldn’t believe it. I’d actually lost 1.2 lbs in a single hour! In retrospect, I wish I had also measured my waist, but it’s pretty obvious the Pure and Natural Aloe Drink Gel is every bit as good at reducing inflammation and bloat as I had hoped.

The ultimate test for me was whether or not I could “cheat” and get away with sneaking a few foods I normally can’t tolerate. I couldn’t resist a trip to one of Cincinnati’s oldest pizzarias, LaRosa’s. I ate a couple slices and a small salad with creamy garlic dressing and green olives. Absolutely nothing about this meal is safe with my gastroparesis or my MCAS, yet I had no reaction or consequences of any kind. Not even a little extra gas or weight gain from inflammation. I couldn’t believe it! While I would never want to eat this way on a regular basis, it’s nice to know Aloe might allow me the occasional treat and I really wonder if I take it for an extended period of time if it could heal the problems I’ve struggled with for so many years.

Quality You Can Taste and See

Screenshot_20181021-091826.pngAnother thing I worried about when considering taking the Aloe Drink Gel was the flavor. I had heard from friends on the Cusack Protocol Aloe Vera juices and gels can be bitter. If I’d done my research beforehand, I would have realized this is because those are being made either using the whole leaf, which contains a harmful latex that acts as a laxative (or exclusively with latex and no aloe vera gel at all), while Aloe Veritas only uses the safe inner leaf gel to make their high quality Drink Gel. You can literally see and taste the difference. Just look at the pulpy-goodness of Aloe Veritas’ Drink Gel.

The Pure and Natural Drink Gel is quite pleasant with the light citrus flavor of the lemon and royal jelly to complement the natural flavor of aloe and I  found myself taking my time drinking it, rather than chugging it down just to get through it like I do with most of my other liquid supplements and concoctions. I’m really looking forward to trying the Berry Inspiration, with additional antioxidants, when it arrives in my first 90 Day Detox Order.

Of course one of the things I like best is that Aloe Veritas’ products are of the highest quality.  Here, manufacturers make it with anything from the whole leaf to adding aloe latex to completely artificial drinks made to seem like aloe vera juice, both of which can be highly dangerous as aloe latex depletes potassium in the body. Electrolyte imbalances can lead to muscle weakness and cardiac problems (as those of us with dysautonomia well know) and can even lead to death. According to the NIH, ingesting one gram of aloe latex for multiple days can be fatal.

This is why it’s so important to find a reputable source like Aloe Veritas for all of your aloe vera product needs. AV tests everything carefully and uses only the highest quality natural ingredients in their products. Their aloe drink gels do have added enhancements, but they are actually things you can feel good about putting in your body and probably do on a regular basis, such as honey, vitamin c, fruit juices and citric acid, ensuring a fresh, pleasurable taste experience while providing 96% pure inner leaf aloe juice.

Aloe Veritas True Aloe

Uses and Contraindications for Use

There are many bonuses to taking an Aloe Vera Drink Gel for spoonies. “Aloe vera helps maintain intestinal flora, stimulate and promote bowel movements, and remove waste. It may also boost the immune system and reduce inflammation,” according to Dr. Garikiparithi of Bel Marra Health. According to a study done by UCLA, Aloe vera improves the function of muscles lining the digestive tract, helping to prevent constipation and cutting muscle spasms by half if your intestines  are already inflamed. If you have diverticulosis like me, this significantly reduces the likelihood of developing diverticulitis. It can reduce pain and inflammation, provide more regularity, and increase absorption of minerals and vitamins while providing over a dozen more vitamins and minerals. It has 20 amino acids, 7 of which are essential. Aloe vera can be used to clean your teeth and gums and could reduce the inflammation of gum disease. It can lower cholesterol and foster hair growth.Benefits and Uses of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can even help lower blood sugar, but that can be both a plus and a minus. If you have problems keeping your blood sugar regulated in the first place, it could cause more problems and it may not be ideal if you suffer from hyperglycemia or diabetes. It’s also possible that aloe may decrease the body’s ability to clot the blood, so its consumption is not recommended prior to surgery. Finally, a special note for the masties; when used topically, it can increase the absorption of hydrocortisone cream.

With there being a scary number of companies out there misrepresenting themselves today and the possible consequences, it’s good to know there are companies out there like Aloe Veritas that offer their high quality products here in the U.S. Be sure to check out the Aloe Drink Gels, available in two delicious flavors, Pure & Natural or Berry Inspiration.


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AV Drink Gel for Gastroparesis, Crohn's, IBS, IBD and more.


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