Invisible Cities Linkup: Pros & Cons of Living with Chronic Illness in Your City

Shared during TYHT in September, this Invisible Cities Linkup by Sheryl Chan is truly inspired. I not only love reading all the blog posts people have been contributing to it, but I love considering what I would (and will) write about my own city… not the tiny little po-dunk town I live in, but the greater Cincinnati Area for which it’s a part. So if you’re a blogger, check out the post and the rules and consider participating (there’s no deadline) and if you’re intrigued by other cultures and people with invisible illness live in those cultures, start reading through some of the submissions. They are fascinating.

Invisible Cities Linkup: Pros & Cons of Living with Chronic Illness in Your City

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I’ve always been interested in cultures, specifically the differences, and what’s considered ‘normal’ to each. Since I’m already paying for the inLinkz tool (affiliate link), I figured I’d create more linkups just for fun, on top of the monthly ones I run for those with chronic illnesses. If you have another good linkup idea you’d like to see, let me know in the comments below!

This one will be about the ins and outs of the city or town you live in, in relation to the quality of life as someone with an (invisible) illness. Keep it to just one location, but if you feel compelled to share about another place you grew up or lived in as well, feel free to submit a separate entry. This is to keep the repository of information as uncluttered and accessible as possible.

There’s no closing date to this linkup, so take your time. My hope is that you have some fun, read something educational, and share something insightful here. If you don’t own a blog but still want to participate, let me know and I’ll publish it on mine if suitable.
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