At Home Careers with Lupus [Everything You Need To Know]

Originally Posted on The Lupus Health Shop Blog and shared during TYHT in September, this article provides invaluable tips on working for home with any kind of chronic illness.

At Home Careers With Lupus Everything You Need To Know- Featured Image - Lupus Health Shop

At Home Careers With Lupus And Your Rights [Everything You Need To Know]

I’m going to tell you the laws in the USA that support your rights within a work place and how to use them to your advantage. Plus, there are some great insights on what positions have accommodations that you may have never thought of.

How do I know all of this?

I was in the same position as you. I wasn’t sure if I could continue my job, how to ask for help, and get what I need without getting “let go”.

I was sad that my career was over before it even began.

I hated myself for having Lupus, for suffering so much in such a short amount of time.

Many times I wondered if my life would consist of struggling to work and struggling to have enough spoons to even take care of myself after work.

I hated that I had no positive impact on society and in my own life. How can I pay for this disgusting, life-altering in all the wrong ways disease?

How can I have a family one day and support it? How can I live my life sitting at home, broke, and not able to prevent symptoms because I can’t afford it?

That’s how I thought and nothing improved in my life. It actually got way worse.

I made terrible decisions. I somehow still graduated with my bachelor’s degree though.

I was still in school and I knew I’m never going to be in the healthcare field now. I’ll never be able to help people HEAL from disease, sickness, and pain. My goal was to be the physician assistant or nurse who didn’t dismiss people for their problems and write them a script that won’t work or worse, make their problems worse!

I was going to be the person who found the cause of the problems or refer them to someone who will take the time to do that too.

Don’t you want to keep pushing? Don’t you want to live a better, quality of life with Lupus?

Don’t you want to work at home with Lupus and have a career at home with Lupus?

Well, with this easy read, you’ll be prepared to advocate for your health while keeping your current position or finding a better career that fits your needs.

If you don’t want to read the details, check out #LUPUSLIFEHACKS throughout this article for sections 3-6.

The rest of the sections need to be explained because the government or workplace isn’t a black and white kind of deal.

To Continue Reading, go to the original post: At Home Careers…

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