National Poetry Day 2018

I’ve been remiss in sharing this. I had a couple of poems published by the lovely Tea and Cake for the Soul and got completely distracted before I really told anyone about it! I’m so very grateful for the exposure. My poetry mostly collects dust, dozens, if not hundreds of them and it kills a little piece of me knowing that they’ll probably all die with me. Poetry just isn’t very popular and I no longer have it in me to pursue the highly competitive market of poetry publication that has no monetary reward of any kind. So, I write for myself and the occasional opportunity to share them with people who still appreciate this fine art. The post starts below.

National Poetry Day 2018


Until recently I hadn’t read any poetry for decades, but it can be very enjoyable and so easy to read when you only have a few minutes to spare. As it’s National Poetry Day today I thought it would be nice to spread the word on Day 4 of #Blogtober18 and give you a few examples of some very different types of poetry. It is my pleasure to share with you work from 3 poets – Colin Sinclair, Pamela Jessen and Capricious Lestrange. I hope you enjoy them.

Colin Sinclair is a published author of a fantasy series and just loves poetry. He has kindly allowed me to share some of his work with you today. He told me “I write it because I love to write it and I can” Here are some of his poems for you to enjoy.

The Game
At the hotel on Park Lane at 10:33
I held out my hand for the usual fee.
You called me a bastard, a cheat and a liar.
You spat out the words with venom and fire,
Your face told it all as you crashed through the door,
Your hat and the shoe fell to the floor.
You knew all the rules as we started the game.
We’d agreed them and talked, they were always the same.
I was shocked; I was stunned as you walked out on me.
It’s only a game of Monopoly!

To continue reading and see my contributed poems, visit the original post: National Poetry Day 2018

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