Toot Your Horn Tuesday Discontinued

Due to a lack of participation over its first three months, I’ve decided to discontinue TYHT. I think it was too confusing and I’m not getting the support or participation for it that I hoped, so I’ve decided to shut it down and spend the spoons on other areas of the site. I was excited about the prospect of interacting more with my fellow bloggers and trying to enrich our community a bit more with some of their knowledge, but I’m going to have to go back to the drawing board with how to best accomplish that.

I’m very grateful for the participation we did get and really enjoyed the posts shared for TYHT. I met some new bloggers, learned about some new topics I’ve never read on and got to experience some great new voices. I hope you keep coming back and interacting and I’ll do my best to continue visiting your sites, as well!

I’d really like to do more collaborative things on here and have guest bloggers provide articles, videos or other media that would educate us in some way. I’m always happy to trade posts, too. I also welcome artistic submissions of poetry, short stories, personal essays and art work. If you have something to submit, start by contacting us.

chronic_illness_bloggers_logo_300x250If you’re looking for other great blogs to read, you should click the Chronic Illness Bloggers badge I have placed on my right side bar just like the one to the left and has a directory of every blogger who belongs, which is a substantial list. They’re a great group. I interact with many of them on a regular basis and they have a lot of wisdom to impart on many different conditions. If you’re a blogger yourself and don’t know about this network, go find out about them now. They do everything from promote everyone’s blog posts on their various social media pages to securing partners for sponsored posts. I’ve gotten two or three myself from them. Just below them is Dealspotr, another service that offers influencers sponsored post opportunities that I recently signed up with.

4 thoughts on “Toot Your Horn Tuesday Discontinued

  1. So sorry that it ended just as I was getting on to it. Please let me know if I can assist in any way. I am always open to ideas and projects.
    Until then.
    Barbara @catchyourbreath60

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