Support Spoonie Businesses This Holiday!

I wanted to provide a list of gift suggestions that wasn’t just populated with things from box stores, but instead seeks to support all the spoonies who are out there chasing their dreams despite the struggle of daily or near daily symptoms. So my post begins with spoonie owned and operated businesses where you can do your holiday shopping. You could also add them and their great products to your holiday wish list, as I’m sure you’ll just love many of the products I’ve found (I know I want one of everything).

Most importantly, I’d rather give my money to spoonies trying to support themselves through their crafts and business acumen than give it to a big chain or conglomerate whenever possible. Unfortunately I didn’t find as many as I’d hoped, so I rounded things out with a listing of blog posts with other good suggestions of what you could buy a spoonie loved one for the holidays that would probably be greatly appreciated. If you’re a spoonie, you could use these lists to round out your wish list. If you’re looking for gift ideas for spoonies, you probably couldn’t go wrong selecting things from any one of these stores or lists. Just take a moment to consider the specific symptoms your loved one deals with before making any purchases and check return policies just in case.

If you have a business and would like to be added to this list, please feel free to comment at the bottom or email me and I will add it to the body of the post. If this goes well, we’ll do it every year and hopefully our options will continue to grow!

Hot Cocoa
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Spoonie Owned Businesses and Products

In alphabetical order by last name or business name.

  1. Rachelle Caissie, Endless Beauty by Rachelle Beauty products by Younique.
  2. Deborah Ellis, AloeVeritas Aloe based health and beauty products.
  3. Desireé Feigel, Poshmark Affordable clothing, shoes and accessories.
  4. Michaela Oteri, aka Ogrefairy Graphic arts portraits.
  5. Jo Romero, Let’s Do Lunch: 28 Days of AIP Compliant and Allergy-Friendly Paleo Packed Lunches, a cookbook.
  6. Sick Girl Crafts handmade jewelry.
  7. SE Smart, Brace Yourself Written by a spoonie for spoonies.
  8. Lisa Sniderman, A Light in the Darkness An inspiring book for spoonies (review forthcoming).
  9. Lesley Still, Scentsy Wax warmers, scented wax, cleaning supplies, bodycare products and other unique gifts.
  10. The Unchargeables Shop – A wide range of spoonie awareness gear.
  11. Spoonie Merch on Etsy– A wide variety of crafts for spoonies, mostly made by spoonies
  12. Spoonie Survival Kits An adorable option if you’re in the UK.
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Spoonie Gift Guides:

  1. Chronic Mom: 15 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Friends and Family with Chronic Illness
  2. I Told You I Was Sick: The Perfect Gifts for People Living with Chronic Illness
  3. Katherine the Almost Great: Holiday Gift Guide: Chronic Illness Patients
  4. Cassie Creley: Gift Guide Based on Your Chronically Ill Friend’s Love Language
  5. It’s Only a Bruise: A Merry Sclerosis Gift Guide: 8 Gift Ideas for the Spoonie in Your Life!
  6. Meredith on Medium: Spoonie Gift Guide
  7. The World Sees Normal: Gift Guide For The Chronically Ill
  8. Chronicallychillco: Holiday Gift Guide
  9. Ryan Boren: A #ChronicHolidays Gift Guide for Chronically Ill Spoonies
  10. The Brainless Blogger: Christmas Gift ideas for chronic pain
  11. Feasting on Joy: The Colossal Gift Guide for Living The Best Holistic Life
  12. Mom’s Small Victories: Gift Guide for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
  13. Tayler Silfverduk: 2018 Gluten-Free Holiday Gift Guide
  14. Casey the College Celiac: 15 Experience Christmas Gifts for Your Loved Ones with Chronic Illness
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Need more suggestions? Check out some of the products I’ve reviewed:

  1. AloeMD; Pain Relief + Healing
  2. Aloe Veritas Pure and Natural Drink Gel
  3. Easy Book Clip Spares Hand Pain
  4. Benefit Magical Brow Stars Bestseller Set
  5. Tarte Sweet Escape Collector’s Set
  6. FasciaBlaster’s Fab Little Sister; The FaceBlaster

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