Say Bye-Bye Turkey Neck!

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The video below describes my full routine for battling turkey neck, also known as crepe neck, and loose skin on my face, a problem I’ve been dealing with for a lot longer than my actual age would belie, but then I do have EDS and MCAS, both chronic illnesses that affect collagen production and the skin’s elasticity. I’ve also battled weight issues my entire life. This last 50 pounds of weight loss has been particularly rough. Even though I’ve lost it over an astoundingly slow 4 year period, it’s left me with a terribly sagging chin that I was at a loss as to how to solve.

I started with a skincare routine that helped some, but was really hard on my wallet. I’ve managed to replace one of those items, a serum, with inexpensive aloe vera gel that seems to give about the same amount of lift, if not slightly more (sorry, Clinique). But the real lift has come from my use of the FaceBlaster a couple of times a week, combined with the use of exercises designed to offer chin lift. I use two. One is a yoga exercise that I had to work my way up to very carefully because of slight TMJ dysfunction and I explain what you need to be careful to avoid in the video if you want to try it. The other is the one I started with, which is gentler and doesn’t require jaw movement, but still seems to work the muscles quite well. I demonstrate both in the video below, along with discussing the specific skincare products I use and how I apply them.

Comparison Pictures

Comparison Reults for my Turkey Neck Routine

As I mentioned in the video, sitting is the worst position for turkey neck, so that’s how I took these pictures. I didn’t want to hide anything. Notice that neck is not only lifted dramatically, but that you can clearly see new muscle definition in my neck from my exercises. The difference in my weight between the two pics? Only 18 pounds. That sag is mostly just skin. And check out those eyebrows! HUGE DIFFERENCE!

If you don’t know why my hair is suddenly short and gray, check this out.


In 9/17, I’d been using both the skincare regimen and the faceblaster for four months. I saw significant improvement in that time without the yoga. It’s a viable option to use the faceblaster alone for reducing turkey neck. However, you get even more lift and definition combining it with facial exercise. Note how I did not have to raise my chin as high for my neck to look even smoother in the newer shot. And get a load of that definition! The other thing I noticed in these comparison shots? Less jowl. Nobody wants jowls! Weight loss in between shots was approx 12 lbs.


The side shot pretty much speaks for itself.

View my video on Blasting Away Turkey Neck

My goal is to (hopefully) eventually eliminate the expensive creams I’m using through the use of tightening exercise and FasciaBlasting since those are healthier and quite frankly very affordable: However, I also have to be reasonable in my expectations in this battle with collagen, gravity and time. If you’re jealous of my lack of wrinkles, don’t be. Believe me, aside from the fact that the average hypermobile EDSer doesn’t wrinkle much until a bit later than usual, we don’t have much else going for us.

Here are the products I covered in my video. No, I am not being paid to promote these products and (sad face) didn’t receive any of them to try for free (hook me up, Clinique and Ashley Black, for real):

  1. Clinique Clarifying Lotion 1
  2. Clinique Repairwear™ Uplifting Firming Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 15
  3. Clinique All About Eyes™ Rich
  4. Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel (I remembered!)
  5. The FaceBlaster at Amazon
  6. The FaceBlaster can also be purchased through Ashley Black Guru
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