Review: ‘The Influencer’ Makeup Organizer

One of the last things I bought myself for Christmas using my Ulta rewards points was ‘The Influencer,’ a deluxe makeup organizer by Base 4 that I have big feels over, so I wanted to share my impressions of it. Seems I’ll be doing a lot of blogging over the next 3 weeks or so as I play work widow to none other than Walmart. When my husband was promoted to department manager over pets just a couple of months ago, I had a feeling it would be one lonely holiday season for me. That’s okay, though. I’m in great company with all of you! Now let’s talk makeup, or more aptly makeup organization and whether or not to go for this deluxe organizer.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a little into organization. No, I’m not a Container Store junkie. No, I don’t spend thousands on organizing wall units for various crafts or anything like that. What I mean by being into organization, is that I like everything in my home to have its own designated space where it lives and for that space to make sense. It saves me a ton of stress and anxiety when I don’t have to hunt and peck for everything.  You should try it. It will change your life, but that is for another post.

I was a little hesitant to buy an organizer online because it’s so hard to tell by the dimensions and single picture of the unit what you can actually get into these things. If you go by name alone, you would think this unit holds 500 products, because seriously, if you really are a beauty ‘influencer,’ you’ve probably got a lot more cosmetics than me. Of course I don’t make those kinds of assumptions. I know better. I’ve a whole table full of disappointments strung together to get by. This time I was determined to get the largest thing I could find that had reasonably sized drawers. Ideally, I needed drawers I could fit some small palettes and other full sized products into.

Even when it arrived, I questioned if it could possibly be big enough to hold even a single palette in each drawer. I thought, “Influencer? More like average high school girl,” but I decided to take it back to my makeup table and compare the drawers to a few palettes before unwrapping it. Once I did my comparisons, I thought it very likely I could fit some in stacked two high and others side by side. By the time I got it unwrapped and fully loaded with some of my favorite products, I was amazed and excited. It held not just what I thought it would, but even more:

Influencer fully loaded

Doesn’t everyone dress their organizer in cat ears?? Trust me, they look better on it than me! They were a freebie.


One must have just the right shade and finish of lipstick for every mood and occasion!

Influencer's drawers

With the Influencer, I was able to reorganize my makeup in a way that works much better for me:


Yes, I am a living contradiction, where a love of football and cosmetics collide.

Notice that on the left there is a 3 cup organizer for my tools oriented on the short end to save space, which I see fine. It contains brushes and eyeliners next to the Influencer. On the right are two more organizers, one of which is a nested set. I have one sitting on a box (the box my Benefit Magical Brow Stars Bestseller Set came in) so they are stacked and easy to reach. I remove the top layer of the stackable set when I begin my routine so I can easily access the compartments underneath which hold more tools.


Now I’m able to have all of my makeup out and within easy reach, so if I feel like using something I don’t use every day, I don’t have to go digging through drawers or boxes to find it. I still have a box full of samples and stuff (what makeup lover doesn’t), but the things I love and use semi-regularly are now out and within arm’s reach. I purposely chose a larger table so I can even keep my tripod for shooting video and a fan behind my little laboratory.

This will make getting ready faster and making videos a lot easier! Whether you plan on using the Influencer alone or as part of a larger set-up, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with what it holds compared to a lot of others out there on the market, especially for the low price of $24.99 It’s durable, the drawers slide in and out with ease, and it has by far the roomiest drawers I’ve seen yet. If you’re a collector, it probably won’t hold everything, but you might be pleasantly surprised by how much you can get in it. Get the Influencer at Ulta.

Influencer Pin

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