Upper Body Resistance Exercises

This post was updated July 7, 2020. Thank you.

These exercises may be reminiscent of those wacky old “I must, I must, I must increase my bust” exercises (OMG, where did that come from?! Grease?), but they’re a great way to start building upper body strength when you’ve grown weak from long term illness.

These exercises are great for strengthening the upper body and reducing disloactions in arms, shoulders, ribs and collarbone due to hypermobile joints associated with EDS, HSD and other collagen disorders.
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You can do these exercises standing, sitting or laying on your back. They are great for building strength in the arms, shoulders, chest (pectorals) and back. You can even feel it in your neck and abs. They really seemed to help me with rib dislocations and costochondritis, when doing them in conjunction with blasting. Grab a 1 or 3 lb weight or a can of soup and join in while watching this very casual video on beginning upper body resistance exercises!

Upper Body Resistance Exercises Demonstration Video

For more exercises or tips on exercising with EDS/HSD, check out our Movement & Therapies page!

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