Wall Resistance Exercises for Arms

This post was updated July 7, 2020. Thank you.

Another set of simple exercises for those who are trying to get going after a long period of inactivity due to illness. While these exercises are demonstrated in a standing position, they can be done seated, as well. You can combine them with these upper body resistance exercises to begin working toward a weight lifting routine.

The beginning exercises are perfect for those deconditioned by chronic illness or a long period of activity after injury or surgery. The video demonstrates how to do them, step by step! Great for ME/CFS, EDS, Fibromyalgia and other connective tissue diseases.

As always, be sure not to over-exert yourself, especially when first starting an exercise routine. Listen to your body, work within your limits and do a comfortable number of reps. These tips will help you avoid soreness and triggering fatigue or post-exertional malaise.

A video tutorial of how to do these exercises

For more exercises or tips on exercising with EDS/HSD, check out our Movement & Therapies page!

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