FasciaBlaster Buying Guide

This post contains affiliate links from which I may make a commission from purchases at no extra cost to you. This post was updated June 16, 2020.

If you’re new to FasciaBlasting, you’re probably a bit confused by the various tools now available for sale and which will work best for you. This handy guide will walk you through the benefits and possible drawbacks of each type to help you decide which tools are the best for the body work you’ll be doing. I’m even providing links to each type so you can order them and be on your way to experiencing the pain relief and other benefits these treatments can provide.

If you aren’t yet familiar with the benefits of blasting for fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome,  you should start with this article instead: Fascia Treatments for EDS and Fibromyalgia

Blaster Size Matters

The most important thing to remember about FasciaBlasting and blasters is that each unit was designed to do somewhat different things. For example, you need at least one blaster with full-sized prongs that are large enough to dig deep and get beyond the surface fascia and into deeper muscle structures. These are referred to as “full-sized blasters/claws” and refer specifically to claw size.

You also need at least one of the tiny clawed “faceblaster” or “prep” types for head and body work both. These are great for the finer structures of the body (feet, hands, skull, face, joints) and they’re also great at getting to smaller myofascial adhesions on larger body parts and for dealing with neuralgia and neuropathy. Used on larger body parts, they can help prepare fascia for the full-sized blaster to work more effectively. I now use one with faceblaster sized claws and full-sized claws every time I do full body blasts now.

Blasters with Full-Sized Claws

Please note that the links supplied are to Ashley Black Guru’s Amazon Listings, so they are genuine FasciaBlaster products being sold by Ashley Black. You can also purchase directly from Ashley Black Guru’s Website by clicking this link

  1. 71u2bxke1wrl._sx522_The Original FasciaBlaster (Amazon Link) was my first blaster. It’s very sturdy, strong and effective, but it could stand to be just a tad bit longer, it’s only real drawback. It has standard sized claws and great grips, but you’re likely to have problems working on your own back. There’s a great fix for it here using affordable elbow tubing, but be aware, there are longer blasters on the market now that make it easier to reach everywhere, like our next fellow in the line-up, the Big Daddy. Buy this item through Ashley Black.
  2. 219bv2bk9hulThe Big Daddy (Amazon Link) is the equivalent of the Original FasciaBlaster, only longer and having 2 more claws than the original, making it a lot easier to reach from behind and do your own thighs and buttocks. It’s slightly more expensive, but I think the additional length is worth it. It’s also modifiable for back work in the same way as the original, so why not have extra length and the ability to customize? Purchase from Ashley Black here.
  3. 718v2jx2uul._sx522_The Mini2 (Amazon Link) has a number of advantages, despite it’s small size.  The two full-sized claws come book ended by nuggets, a must have for stubborn myofascial adhesions. Of course you don’t always want the weight and weft of a full sized blaster when you’re working on more delicate tissue and this baby is lightweight and easy to work with. Of course it’s a poor choice if you can only get one, as it’s impossible to reach much of your own back with it, even being ultra bendy! Purchase this directly from Ashley Black here.

Blasters with FaceBlaster Claws

  1. 21ez3vppjrlThe FaceBlaster (Amazon Link) was of course the first of its kind and made for the face. It’s perfect for the face, neck, head and hands. If you’re going to do your face or the migraine series, it really is a must to have one. I got a lot of relief from doing the migraine series with a full-sized blaster, but I was amazed at how much more effective the faceblaster really is at treating neuralgia and neuropathy both. If you have migraines, TMJD, occipital or trigimenal neuralgia, the faceblaster is an absolute must have and better than any other kind of massage you will ever receive. My full review of faceblaster benefits can be read, here. For the rest of the body, it’s a bit small and there’s not really anything substantial to hold onto, so it goes flying really easily. It’s also hard to get much pressure on more padded areas of the body, so I do recommend additional purchase of another for the body if you can swing it, from the two below. Purchase it from Ashley Black.
  2. 61qmk7lyygl._sx522_The Master Blaster (Amazon Link) has a row of 9 faceblaster sized claws on a long bar. It’s designed much like the traditional blaster, with grips at either end to make it easier for full body blasting and allow you to not only get a better grip, but to dig a little deeper in those fleshier spots. It’s a great tool for full body blasting with a faceblaster sized claw, which is great for surface fascia and dealing with problems like neuropathy, neuralgia and near surface adhesions. It’s even a great length and not too hard to use on your own back. Purchase from Ashley Black.
  3. 21wywp2bkgclThe PaddleBlaster (Amazon Link) is Black’s latest addition to the line and full disclosure I have not purchased or tried one because I have concerns about it’s heft. That being said, many of the ladies in my blasting group have expounded on it’s virtues, from a massive reduction in blasting time because it covers so much area at once, to claims that it’s actually more effective because it’s weightier and there are so many claws at work. One said the best thing about it is that you can lay it on it’s back and use it on your feet, so there are many ways to utilize this fascinating new blaster. I just haven’t gotten the courage up to try it yet. If you have and want to leave your opinion on it, or any other, please do! You can also purchase it directly through Ashley Black here.

Try a Kit with Both!

  1. 51bm-jk2bf7l._sx522_This FasciaBlaster, Faceblaster and Nugget kit can hardly be beat for the price and if you’re just starting out and on a very tight budget, it’s not a bad way to go. Just pay attention to the caveats I listed about each product and note how I, or friends, have solved for each. The obstacles can be overcome with a little ingenuity and these products served me well for a long time.

And Don’t forget the Book!

  1. 41vn6yqyvhl._sx383_bo1204203200_The Cellulite Myth Daily Companion Guide is exactly what you need to jump start your practice and get a good education on understanding fascia and what keeps it healthy. Pick one up with your blasters! And when your blasters arrive, be sure to come back and refresh yourself on my Guide to Getting Started with Blasting when you have EDS or Fibromyalgia!
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10 thoughts on “FasciaBlaster Buying Guide

        1. I was blown away when I first learned about fascia and the reliefis immense. It’s a shame it isn’t studied more or even really discussed much in traditional western medicine. Are you already blasting or just getting started?

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          1. today is the first I had heard of it on your blog. i am pretty overwhelmed and not sure where to start or what to buy and how to use it……….being on a limited budget, I need to make sure I use our money wisely. ūüôā


  1. My mother has used FasciaBlaster for almost two years now to get rid of pain in her lower back and legs. I’ve never seen someone move so fast as she did after using the tools. It really made her a new person.
    Thanks for the great article!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Dee. Thanks for sharing your mother’s success. That’s great to hear! Many people are benefitting from it in amazing ways. I hope the medical industry jumps on board and realizes just how important myofascial therapies are for people with chronic pain issues! Best of luck to you both. Xx

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