A Successful Tee Campaign!

A burgundy hoodie with a double zebra Zebra Pit logo on the front.

The Tee campaign has come to a close and I consider it a huge success for our first fundraising attempt at the Zebra Pit. First and foremost, I want to take the time to say THANK YOU! to the wonderful people who contributed to the Zebra Pit by making a shirt purchase through Bonfire. I also want to give a big shout out to my warriors who weren’t able to give traditionally, but really stepped up by sharing my many social media posts throughout the fundraising period. You guys are my ROCKSTARS!! Your support and generosity has truly touched my heart.

A colorful banner displays "THANK YOU" as if pinned up poloroids.

At this time, I’m not going to list donors individually, as I don’t feel entirely comfortable with that without seeking their permission. Instead, I’m working on a Contributing Members Page where I would like to include a little about each person. I can’t wait to get started on it! I really want to honor the people who gave. Their purchase said so much more to me than “hey, cool t-shirt!”

I wanted to take a moment to unpack a bit of what I learned during my first fundraising campaign because I thought it might be useful not only to my fellow spoonie bloggers, but to all spoonies, given that many of us experience events in our lives that require us to ask for help. But before we do that, I wanted to talk about how this fundraiser went, what we raised and how we plan to utilize those funds.

Campaign Summary

Campaign stats

While I’m ultimately happy with the way things went, it was a bit rocky through the first half of the campaign and I was concerned we weren’t going to be able to meet the minimum order requirement of five shirts, but we pulled through in the end with a total of 8 ordered. Part of why I consider this campaign a success is because it was a great learning opportunity for me. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to spend on advertising, that word of mouth would be enough to get the message out, but in the end, I was defeated by big social. Things really picked up once I took out an ad on Facebook. Our next campaign will be handled much differently from the start. I learned a lot this campaign.

A storm gray T-shirt with the double zebra Zebra Pit logo on the front.

We had some very generous purchasers, with many purchasing 2 items and/or contributing a little extra on top. It helped so much. It allows me to do things like take continuing education courses where I can learn more that I pass on to you. For example, these funds will cover two deeply discounted courses I was able to obtain for $25 each; one on herbal medicine, the other on CBT and mindfulness techniques; all very valuable tools in maintaining a healthy mind and body with chronic illness. I can use the remainder on outreach so people know about the Zebra Pit and the many resources we offer.

We may have only raised $72.15 this time around, but what you’re witnessing is only the beginning. We are finally figuring out how to make that money grow. We’re adding on revenue streams. We’re breaking our own viewership and subscription records every single month. We are going places and this small cash infusion helps so much.

If you missed out on the Awareness Tee Fundraiser and still want to donate, we accept Paypal donations anytime. Be sure to include a note or shoot me an email about it so I can include you on our Contributing Members Page! I want the whole world to know the names of the lovely people who thought enough to support us!

I can’t wait to get the storm classic tee and indigo hoodie I ordered for my husband and I. Technically the tee is for him and the hoodie for me, so mum’s the word when you see me wearing the tee around! 😉

Working with Bonfire

As so many spoonies find themselves in the position of needing to raise funds for surgeries, specialized orthotics, mobility devices and wide range of other things that are priced well beyond the means of most of us, I wanted to include a quick review of my experience with Bonfire and doing a fundraising campaign that featured a product. For me, doing a T-shirt campaign was far preferable to just asking for a straight-up handout and what I never realized before is that it’s quite easy to do one of these campaigns without ever putting down a single penny or risking any losses, at least not working with a company like Bonfire.

A pinterest image with overlay text shows carnival rides in the background. The overlay text says "Fundraising Tips: Create lists of everyone you want to invite, Invite people to contribute personally, Ask people to share information about your fundraiser or cause in lieu of donation, Offer fundraising products for value added giving that won’t cost you anything, Spend advertising dollars early to get the ball rolling; word of mouth will follow, Consider a “giveaway” of your product to encourage social media post shares, Set a fundraising goal and continue to raise it to maintain momentum"

A t-shirt campaign with Bonfire is a good way to go and they make things really easy. It only took about 20 minutes to set up my campaign, choose my shirts and have everything ready to go once I decided how I wanted to design my shirts. The best part is that you don’t have to spend anything out of your own pocket on the product itself, but do be prepared to spend at least a little on advertising and/or consider running a contest to win one of your shirts alongside in order to generate shares and follows. It was an idea I had, but I was afraid to spend the money on it this first time around without having any revenue to back it up. Given the uptick in response after advertising, I now understand what a mistake that was and will do things differently in the future.

They also offer a wide variety of shirt styles. I only chose 3 so as not to make things too overwhelming, but next time I will likely choose 5 styles instead of limiting it to 3. Bonfire has a great guide to help you make these choices, based on your own goals.

Finally, when the campaign was finished, they began printing my orders right away and while they’re being processed, the payment of my profits and donations are being sent to my paypal account. To learn more about Bonfire and start your own campaign, click here.

Pinterest image displays a maroon hoodie with the Zebra Pit Double zebra logo and a colorful thank you banner splayed across it. The text says " A Successful Tee Compaign: What the generosity of readers like you will help us accomplish in the coming year.

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