How to Sign up for our Facebook Contest

We’re running a contest between now and 7/17/19 on Facebook to win this great bundle which includes Jeannie Di Bon’s amazing new fitness book for hypermobility. It’s not that complicated if you know Facebook, but I’ve gotten so many questions about how to sign up, I decided to create a fast and dirty tuturial–it may not look pretty, but it will get you where you need to go. The images are all computer examples, but I explain how to do it on a phone in the print portion.

Follow this link to get to the post: When it opens, you’ll see the description to the right. Click on “See More” in blue so all the instructions come up.

On a computer, hover over Jeannie Di Bon’s Name (marked by a yellow arrow in the example below) and a little window will pop up. Choose the “Follow” button.

On your phone, you simply need to tap the name and the page will open, where you can choose follow there.

  Repeat the same operation for the Zebra Pit Page. The link may be missing in the instructions, however you can hover over or click the link at the top of the post to get to the same place.

To type your comment, go to the bottom right of the box where you’ll see a space next to your profile pic, “Write a comment.” Click on it and begin typing your comment about why you’re entering and “tag” two friends by typing their name until they show up in a list and you can select their name.  

On your phone, you should see the comment box at the bottom of your screen. Click it and begin typing. As you type your friends’ names, links you can choose should automatically pop up. Select the correct friend.

Be sure to choose enter or tap the blue arrow icon on your phone screen when you’re done typing your message so it is submitted.

Finally, if you want to share it for a bonus entry, simply choose Share:

and the usual pop-up dialogue will come up and you can type a message, tag me by typing “@thezebrapit and selecting the FB Zebra Pit Blog page when it comes up.

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