The Spoonie Small Business Holiday Shopping Guide

Please note this post contains affiliate links from which I may make a small commission from purchases at no extra cost to you. Thank you.

Last year, we put out a post called Support Spoonie Businesses this Holiday and it was a big hit. While we’re going with a different name, we’ve decided to do it every year as a way to support other spooniepreneurs (has a nice ring to it), artists and craftspeople.

Many people in the community aren’t able to hold down a traditional job because of constantly fluctuating symptoms and frequent illness, but we don’t always qualify for disability, either. Many of us who get disability still can’t make it on what we receive, and most systems allow you to work a certain amount and retain a portion of your benefits. Then there are those of us who illness just can’t hold back no matter how hard it tries, because we’re wildly passionate about what we’re doing. No matter the reason you’re a working disabled person, the Zebra Pit wants to support you and your efforts, so we came up with this list.

Please understand we are in no way affiliated with anyone on this list unless otherwise noted. If you have questions about products or offerings, just follow the link(s) provided to contact that business. If you’re a business owner with a disability of any kind (physical, mental, intellectual, the Zebra Pit draws no lines) and want to be included, drop your info in the comments, with your link. I may have to dig it out of the spam folder, but I will approve it!

This guide features small businesses owned by people with chronic illness so you can support them through the holidays with your shopping dollars. From artists, authors, and entrepreneurs to chronic illness bloggers recommending the perfect gifts for chronic pain, EDS, Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, MCAS, MS and more.

Artisans and Crafters

Our dazzle includes some pretty amazing artists and craftspeople, such as the people below.

Christina’s Awareness Bracelets are a lovely way to raise awareness and support a spoonie business this holiday. She creates a variety of lovely little trinkets that raise awareness for several conditions. Her bracelets are affordably priced and made with loving care. When you find the bracelet for you, just post a message to Chris and she’ll complete your transaction via paypal.

Sage and Prim makes vegan, small batch handmade soaps. When you take a look, pay special attention to their Rainbow Bastille. $3 of every bar goes to the Trevor Project.

Cripple Punk Self-Portrait. Artist: Ogrefairy

Ogrefairy Doodles: We just can’t go a whole year without talking about this amazing artist who does graphic design portraiture. Get a one of a kind Ogrefairy doodle for a reasonable price any loved one would be thrilled to own. She even does Cripple Punk portraits and has a flexible style and whimsical touch everyone enjoys.

White Cane Coffee: I just happened across this company on Twitter and couldn’t be more thrilled. White Cane Coffee is owned by a blind autistic who provides quality jobs to the blind and disabled. They also have some pretty yummy sounding handcrafted, organic, direct trade, micro roasted coffee! Pick up a bag, box of k cups or a variety pack this holiday for your favorite coffee lover.

Sick Girl Crafts offers a wide variety of jewelry, many of which make my geeky little pop culture heart sing, like this adorable mini tardis pin. Treat the girl geek in your life or put some of her trinkets on your holiday list.

HomeGrwnDesigns offers a wide variety of accessories for mobility devices and some really cute masks. Put something cute on your wish list or buy something for your fellow spoonie!

Willow Brook has her Willow Brook Creations business, which offers a variety of handmade goods for your home. She’s also an Avon rep and she’s on a mission to put together care packages for women and children affected by domestic violence, a very worthy cause to put your charitable dollars toward. Get to her Avon site, here.


What are you dying to see in your stocking this year? Do you usually go for more practical gifts or ask for things that pamper and spoil? Books are always a great option for many spoonies, as we usually have so much down time. The books below are all by spoonie authors!

Hypermobility Without Tears: Moving Pain-Free with Hypermobility and EDS is the best seller on my review list and it’s not surprising why; Jeannie Di Bon has been helping people with hypermobility live pain free for many years. The benefits of her expertise will make the perfect gift for the bendy zebra in your life. Not sure? See the Zebra Pit Review.

Mast Cells United: A Holistic Approach to Mast Cell Activation Syndrome is a great way to learn everything you ever wanted to know about mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) and would make a great gift to friends and family members you’d like to have a better understanding of this condition, as well. I reviewed this amazing book, here.

Take Daily as Needed’ by Kathryn Trueblood is a book I just finished reading and will be reviewing in December. This gorgeously written novel may be in the sick lit genre, but it’s probably unlike any of the counterparts you’ve read for its sheer honesty and lack of self-congratulatory rhetoric. Told in short stories that will fascinate, delight and sometimes repel, it’s a must read for all women who have chronic illness, and/or kids or parents with chronic illness. ‘Take Daily’ is a gritty and refreshingly honest read and I just might be a little in love with this newly found author who also wrote ‘The Baby Lottery,’ which is now on my wish list!

‘Salt In My Soul: An Unfinished Life by Mallory Smith is an intimate look inside of life with a terminal chronic illness. This book is beautifully written, poignant and a must read for every person who has a chronically ill person in their life.

A Light in the Darkness by Lisa Sniderman is a book I reviewed and very much enjoyed last year. It would make a great gift for any spoonie who needs a little inspiration to create, and through so doing, heal.

M.E. and me: Chronic Fatigue: My Recovery After 10 Years by Stuart Aken. Having had ME/CFS for ten years, Stuart Aken has now recovered. In his concise book, you’ll find information, advice, and a very personal story of what it is to suffer the condition and, more importantly, to recover from it. You’ll discover a message of hope for all concerned. You can also visit Aken’s blog here.

Brace Yourself: A Chronically Witty Novel by S.E. Smart. I really need to add this book to my list for review. It looks adorable and I hear if you’re into chick lit like Bridget Jones, it’s right up your alley. Please note this is an Amazon affiliate link, so you will be supporting the Zebra Pit if you purchase through it, with no additional cost to you. Thank you!

Let’s Do Lunch: 28 Days of Allergy-Friendly, AIP Compliant and Paleo Packed Lunches by Jo Romero is a great gift for many spoonies who follow AIP.

Chronicles of Zazzles: Connective Tissue Issues by Alexix Emery is the perfect book for our littles. I haven’t read it, so here’s the description Amazon has for the book: “Zazzles is a beautiful zebra who loves to rhyme, solve problems, teach, and do science things. She grew up suffering from many things, but never let it stop her from achieving her dreams. Find out about how Zazzles adapts to her Connective Tissue Issues in this very first children’s book in the Chronicles of Zazzles series!”


These hard working folks have a variety of products to offer in their online stores. This list includes spoonies who mostly work to fulfill the needs of the chronically ill or support the community in other ways.

Maumee Bay Apothecary is owned by a trifecta zebra with chiari. They make a variety of all natural CBD products for pain management and more for you and your pet!

Graphic Organic is the shop of a spoonie and graphic artist who offers organic and eco-friendly Stationary and clothing with a variety of captions and designs, mostly for spoonies!

Warrior Life Planner 2020 Edition. Launched in late 2017, the 2nd edition of this planner is even more amazing than the one I reviewed last year and the price point has come down considerably, so if price was holding you back before, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Lupus Hair Gains – Hair Oil for Lupus Hair Loss & Hair Breakage. This item says it’s for Lupus, but my bet is that if it can improve the hair loss experienced by lupus patients, it can help a lot of spoonies who are dealing with this somewhat common side effect of many chronic illnesses and it’s got perfect reviews. This product is likely to go great with fasciablasting for hair growth!

Endless Beauty by Rachelle If you’re into makeup or have a makeup lover on your list, check out what Rachelle Caissie has to offer in her Younique store.

Pampered Chef with Carolyn Bracy has everything any chef (spoonie or otherwise) would be proud to own!

My Gift Suggestions

These products don’t come from small spoonie businesses, but they provide some pretty amazing benefits for people with chronic illness. They are products I have used myself or have really been wanting to get for a while. Many spoonies and aging populations enjoy wellness gifts that help to alleviate aches and pains or benefit our health. Let someone know how much you love them and care about their well being by choosing one of the following products. For full disclosure, these products all contain affiliate links and while it costs you nothing extra, your purchase will help support the Zebra Pit. Thank you.

Ashley Black Guru’s Fasciablaster. These products helped turn my health around and I can’t stop talking about their benefits. Check out my review and then head over to my Fasciablaster Buying Guide for help selecting the right one(s) for you or your loved one.

3 in 1 Massager with ultrasound, EMS and infrared light therapy. This unit offers relief from muscle and joint pain while encouraging healing. Works great on lipedema, fibromyalgia, arthritis, tendonitis, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and other connective tissue diseases. My review of this product can be found here: Easy DIY Massage Therapy

Red Light Therapy Device. I haven’t tried this specific device personally, but the ratings it’s getting and my newfound love of infrared light therapy, I would certainly love to. It comes with a hefty price tag, but once you experience infrared light therapy, you know it’s worth it.

Molecular Air Purifier– Molekule Home One uses PECO Technology to Destroy Air Pollutants. Speaking of dream gifts, this air purifier with PECO technology may pack a heavy price tag, but it would be a dream gift for any person with a mast cell activation disorder and works well for home or the office. I would love to work with this company to bring you a review, but I haven’t had any luck, yet. You can learn more about the technology here.

I haven’t reviewed a Kindle Paperwhite, but I definitely need to. This E-reader is by far easiest on the light sensitivity associated with migraine and dysautonomia. Because of the way it’s lit, it’s just like reading a paperback, with the convenience and affordability of ebooks. The best part? Amazon is offering a big discount during their Black Friday Sale!

Recommendations from 10 Other Chronic Illness Bloggers:

Photo by Brett Sayles on

Whew! I know it’s a long list this year, but just in case you still haven’t found what you need, here are some recommendations from other chronic illness bloggers. Why not get a few more ideas for both your buying and your wish list?

  1. Invisibly Me: Christmas Gift Guide: Under 15 and Part 2- Under 50
  2. Melissa vs. Fibromyalgia: Christmas Gift Ideas for Chronic Illness Fighters to Give and Get
  3. A Chronic Voice: My Favourite iHerb Products for Everyday Life
  4. A Journey Through the Fog: The Ultimate Spoonie Christmas Gift Guide
  5. Tea and Cake for the Soul gets two: 15 Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers and Rose Hurles Art (just because the first is so relevant and the second I enjoyed it so much, I thought it would make the perfect gift)
  6. Counting My Spoons: 20 Great Gift Ideas for Those with Chronic Illness
  7. Live Minimal: A gift guide for those with chronic illness
  8. February Stars: Unique Christmas Gift Ideas
  9. Quit Chronic Fatigue: 10 Best Gifts For People With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  10. Chronic Mom: 15 Gift Ideas
  11. If that’s not enough ideas, check out my Spoonie Holidays Pinterest board with more gift suggestions and lots of sage advice for a joyous holiday despite chronic illness: Spoonie Holiday

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you’ll take a moment to visit our shop if awareness items are on your list!

This guide features small businesses owned by people with chronic illness so you can support them through the holidays with your shopping dollars. From artists, authors, and entrepreneurs to chronic illness bloggers recommending the perfect gifts for chronic pain, EDS, Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, MCAS, MS and more.

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