Take Five! Netflix and Ill

Editor’s Note: This post was updated 4/10/20.

Five Shows to Binge Watch When You’re Running Out of Spoons to Give

Some of the funniest, rawest shows on Netflix that will tickle your funny bone when you're out of spoons to give. My personal favorite? Big Mouth! But it was a tough decision beside Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Wentworth, Offspring, and the Killjoys! Find out why you'll love each show in this post.

Take One: Big Mouth

This has to be one of funniest comedies out there right now! I have to warn you though; it is mostly mature subject matter, and can get very racy.

Take Two: Wentworth

This Aussie prison drama is amazing! It’s gritty, tough, and violent. There is humor, love, hate, death, intrigue. It’s Game of Thrones behind bars essentially.

Take Three: Offspring

This Australian romantic dramady quickly became binge worthy in our home. It doesn’t hurt that we can both relate to Nina’s dumpster fire of a family!

Take Four: Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Come for the comedy, stay for the exquisitely hilarious songs!

Last Take of The Day: Killjoys

Killjoys is arguably one of the best SF series on TV. It truly is bad ass inside and out! There is lots of action and good story lines, not to mention plenty of eye candy for everyone!

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