Take Five! Show us Your Kitties!

COVID-19 post-infection complications have been hard to beat for both Michelle and I. As much as she hates laying around doing nothing, trying to complete a blog post has been causing more pain and fatigue than she can manage. So, I decided to share a brand new edition of Take Five while she continues to recover.

We here at the Zebra Pit are big believers of the joy, love and comfort pets can bring into our lives. They’re even known to help relieve pain. These cuddly fellows will delight you with their cuteness and their antics.

So today I bring you five takes on one of our favorite pets of all! From fearsome foes to feline friends forever, these videos will have you ooohing, awwwing, and gasping for air.

Have your own favorite crazy cat video? Share it with us in the comments!

Take One

The most popular funny cats video compilation on You Tube. I dare you not to laugh!

Take Two

I didn’t know you could train a cat! Did you know cats can be trained? I thought they were aloof little ankle biters who trained you.

Take Three

Big cats need love too!

Take Four

Ten cats that are larger than life!

Last Take of The Day

I would never want to meet these cats in a dark alley!

Have a topic you would like us to take on? We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments, or drop us an email on our contact page.

Show Us Your Kitties!

If you have a cat video to share, please drop us a link in the comments and let us know what you love about it most. Only single links, provided in the body of the message to valid cat videos will be approved after being reviewed by staff. Thank you!

David Curtis lives in Florence, KY with his wife Michelle, Rocket the Russian Blue cat and his many fish. David manages the health and beauty department of a prominent retail chain, in addition to caring for his wife, pets and home. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, exploring history, watching football, sci-fi, fantasy or comic book shows and film, along with fighting for truth, justice, and the human condition. Much like Tyrion Lannister, he also drinks (coffee) and knows things.

6 thoughts on “Take Five! Show us Your Kitties!

  1. Aww hahah these are good! I don’t know how anyone could train a cat for a talent show (not that I’m keen on the idea of making cats do this sort of thing, but it’s still pretty amazing). Considering my cat has decided to murder an innocent bird in the garden this morning, Virgil is in the bad books. BUT there’s no denying our feline friends can be pretty sweet when they want to be. Thanks for the videos, it’s good to get a little distraction to uplift us during these challenging days. Lots of love xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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