Friends of the Zebra Pit

At the Zebra Pit, we’re invested in helping people with rare “zebra” conditions get the help they need to feel better and control their many symptoms. There are no magic pills or quick fixes to treat conditions like EDS, ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. From average medical practitioners to even the best, they are often overwhelmed by our needs and true experts on these conditions are few and far between. Many of our best solutions are non-pharmaceutical supplements, alternative therapies and other healing modalities. The use of great products to help preserve our mobility and prevent further damage to our fragile connective tissues is how we survive and sometimes even thrive. It’s imperative that we get this information to patients who have been suffering for years without aid.

The Zebra Pit is on a mission to help these neglected populations through the dissemination of free information and educational materials for people with these and many other rare conditions. All of the Zebra Pit’s efforts would be for naught if it wasn’t for some of our biggest supporters!

Meet Our Founding Friends

We recently held our first fundraiser ever; Our Zebra Pit Tee Campaign. These lovely folks showed such generosity, some contributing above the cost of their shirts and/or buying extras for friends or family, too. While some patrons chose to remain anonymous, here are a few of our first contributors! Please help us in thanking this wonderful group of people for their contributions, which are so necessary to helping us meet our operating costs.

Munjlee Cawley ( on right, pictured
with sister MJ on left)
David & Michelle Curtis, Zebra Pit
Channon Doughty
Dianne MacKay, aka Teary Dawn

We are filled with the love and gratitude for our contributors! ❤️ Thank you ❤️ from the bottom of our hearts! Your contributions have helped us to cover our operating expenses, purchase advertising to extend our reach, and pay for a little extra education for our staff so we can continue to bring you quality information.

Become a Donor

Want your name or organization to appear above? Our Tee campaign may have ended, but you can still make a difference with your donation. Donate $50 or more to the Zebra Pit through 2020 to become one of our Founding Friends!

Small donations add up, too! Every donor makes a difference in the life of someone who needs help. Whether all you can afford is $1 or $15, it still helps us to get our message out.

Just follow this link to get started: PayPal Donations

If you donate, please be sure to send us a note with your name, address and the amount submitted so that we may thank you and credit your donation properly. Thank you!