Zebra Pit Staff

The Zebra Pit currently operates with an entirely volunteer staff of people with complex chronic conditions and/or their caregivers (in some cases, both). Below is a brief description of what each staff member does for the Zebra Pit. Click any of the names of our staff to get to their bio.


Zebra Pit Founder Michelle Curtis

Michelle Beltano Curtis, aka Capricious Lestrange, is Managing Editor and founder of the Zebra Pit. She has written over 300 posts for the Zebra Pit community. Michelle wears many hats in addition to writing and editing, including managing administration, advertising, graphic design, affiliate interaction, social networking and community outreach.

David Curtis is a regularly contributing copy editor, occasional contributing writer and back end developer. While you don’t see David often, his fingerprints are everywhere on the site. He’s also an amazing caregiver and husband to Michelle.

Contributing Writers

Pamela Jessen is the first contributing writer to join the Zebra Pit and we just love her. Pamela Contributed a couple of posts every month on a variety of topics up until December of 2019. She’s covered some great topics for us, from therapy pets to smart pill motility testing to mental health!