Bringing the D: Benefits of the Sunshine Vitamin

Through D's management and distribution of Calcium, it is crucial to maintaining healthy bones. In fact, both rickets and osteoporosis are linked to Vitamin D deficiencies.


When Superman Gets Sick

I’ve suffered from chronic pain and illness for most of my life, but never to this extent. As I have gotten older, particularly over the last five years, fatigue, pain, and feeling lightheaded almost to the point of blacking out have made for the most oppressive of companions. Now, all of that may finally becoming to a head. Currently I’m on medical leave of absence from my job.

Get Up, Stand Up: New Study Financed For OI Sufferers.

As many of you who follow Disability Depot already know, my wife suffers from ME/CFS. In relation to this debilitating disease, she suffers from Orthostatic Intolerance, as well. Orthostatic Intolerence, or OI, is the inability to remain upright without suffering a number of symptoms which range in severity from nausea to passing out. As a … Continue reading Get Up, Stand Up: New Study Financed For OI Sufferers.