Confessions of an Anxious Spoonie

Confession Time: Since all the changes in my health this spring, I feel so much better most of the time that I sometimes fear losing touch with my base. I also fear a lot more often that someone, not just ignorant healthy people, but another spoonie, is going to accuse me of faking. I’ve lived … Continue reading Confessions of an Anxious Spoonie


Chargie Story: How Capricious Found Her Answers ‹ The Unchargeables

Just wanted to let my readers know I am Chargie of the Day at The Unchargeables! It was a pleasure writing this piece. Though it's not the first time I've written on the evolution of my illness and disability, I always find new insights and ways of thinking about that history. It's also the first … Continue reading Chargie Story: How Capricious Found Her Answers ‹ The Unchargeables

New Zebra Pit Groups on FB

What's better than a lone zebra? A whole dazzle! Come join the herd! We are thrilled to announce we now have discussion groups for for our followers on facebook. Have something you've read about on the blog you'd like to discuss? Come chat with us! Zebra Pit Groups We've also started a private group for … Continue reading New Zebra Pit Groups on FB

Capricious’ Big Gay Day Out

This is me and Mr. Lestrange (if I’m Capricious, let's call him Steadfast Lestrange), showing off our rainbow colors at Cincinnati Pride yesterday. Yes, that’s me, without a mask, outdoors in June! How did I get away with that? Why, with careful planning, some success and a little failure, of course. Sexuality and Gender as … Continue reading Capricious’ Big Gay Day Out

Introducing Vlogs at Zebra Pit

I'm thrilled to announce I will be adding video to the Zebra Pit, starting with this introductory video. While my blog of course has an about section, my videos will be posted on YouTube and sometimes also on Instagram, so I wanted to take the time to do an introduction video. It doesn't cover much … Continue reading Introducing Vlogs at Zebra Pit