The Poetry of Pain

Four of my poems about what it's like to experience chronic illness, pain or particular symptoms are being displayed on The Unchargeables right now. I don't usually discuss the meaning behind my poems, but I wanted to offer a little explanation of each for those who aren't real familiar with poetry so that they might … Continue reading The Poetry of Pain


My First Landscape Painting

This is my first landscape painting in 30 years and I'm sure it shows, lol. The only other landscape painting I've ever done was in my 9th grade art class and if I remember correctly, it was a shot of brilliant white lightening in the dark purple of a desert night. I no longer have … Continue reading My First Landscape Painting

When you have a Primary Immunodeficiency Disease (PID), your body's energy stores become more precious than any metal our pale blue dot could ever produce for any empire. How you choose to spend that energy takes on new meaning. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I am always so enamored of the art … Continue reading