Easy Book Clip Spares Hand Pain

One of the things I like to do when I'm lying about licking my wounds is to immerse myself in some good fiction to try to dull the pain and discomfort of my symptoms. If the brain fog's not so bad, I'll go for a book in favor of TV or movies. I am, after … Continue reading Easy Book Clip Spares Hand Pain


Capricious’ Big Gay Day Out

This is me and Mr. Lestrange (if I’m Capricious, let's call him Steadfast Lestrange), showing off our rainbow colors at Cincinnati Pride yesterday. Yes, that’s me, without a mask, outdoors in June! How did I get away with that? Why, with careful planning, some success and a little failure, of course. Sexuality and Gender as … Continue reading Capricious’ Big Gay Day Out

Try These Apps for Glare Sensitivity

f.lux and Twilight are apps that allow you to adjust the brightness of your computer or cellphone screens, not only by dimming them, but by giving them a rosy glow; effectively taking the sting out of any screen by eliminating the painful bright whites that are so glaring. After installing f.lux on my computer, I've … Continue reading Try These Apps for Glare Sensitivity

New Shower Chair in Town

Not having a walk/roll in shower, I have searched long and hard for a shower chair that will accommodate a traditional shower/bath combo. I finally found it! The Spa Seat Shower Stool goes for $37.99 (-5% if you use your target credit or debit card). It will hold 265 lbs and is designed to fit … Continue reading New Shower Chair in Town

Winners: Ease CFS Helper App

Thanks to everyone who entered to win an Ease CFS Helper App download and those who helped to get the word out!Β  Without further ado, here are our contest winners by twitter handle: @petitionSFCEM @lissiebeachgirl @painactivist @Eramys @MelaniesJourney   I will contact each winner via twitter direct message with a code redeemable for one free … Continue reading Winners: Ease CFS Helper App