App Review: Emergency Chat | autisticzebra

An emergency chat app that allows you to communicate with one phone in situations where verbal communications aren't possible.


Try These Apps for Glare Sensitivity

f.lux and Twilight are apps that allow you to adjust the brightness of your computer or cellphone screens, not only by dimming them, but by giving them a rosy glow; effectively taking the sting out of any screen by eliminating the painful bright whites that are so glaring. After installing f.lux on my computer, I've … Continue reading Try These Apps for Glare Sensitivity

Winners: Ease CFS Helper App

Thanks to everyone who entered to win an Ease CFS Helper App download and those who helped to get the word out!  Without further ado, here are our contest winners by twitter handle: @petitionSFCEM @lissiebeachgirl @painactivist @Eramys @MelaniesJourney   I will contact each winner via twitter direct message with a code redeemable for one free … Continue reading Winners: Ease CFS Helper App

The Sophistication of the Ease ME/CFS Helper App

As I mentioned on the contest page, the Ease CFS Helper App was created by a person with ME/CFS, so I asked him what he felt was the best and most original feature in his app and what set it apart from the other apps already on the market. Boy am I glad I did! I was … Continue reading The Sophistication of the Ease ME/CFS Helper App

Win an Ease ME/CFS Helper App

Recently, I had the pleasure of getting to know a person with ME/CFS from down under with some big motivations-to help other ME/CFS sufferers find the improved health and vitality he's been able to find for himself-using his great new app for iphone and he was gracious enough to give me five codes to raffle … Continue reading Win an Ease ME/CFS Helper App