Support Spoonie Businesses This Holiday!

I wanted to provide a list of gift suggestions that wasn't just populated with things from box stores, but instead seeks to support all the spoonies who are out there chasing their dreams despite the struggle of daily or near daily symptoms. So my post begins with spoonie owned and operated businesses where you can … Continue reading Support Spoonie Businesses This Holiday!


How to Care for Your Caregiver/Partner

My husband wrote So, Your Partner is Disabled because we wanted to offer a firsthand perspective on what it’s like to become your partner’s caregiver and how to best balance this with your relationship. It’s not that we have all the answers or that our caregiver/spouse relationship is perfect; it's not. We’re learning to work … Continue reading How to Care for Your Caregiver/Partner

So, Your Partner is Disabled

As a spouse and care giver of a disabled person, life can get hard some times. Life is by no means as hard as it is to be disabled, but it can be hard none the less. There are days that are every bit what you dreamed life with your partner would be like, and … Continue reading So, Your Partner is Disabled