Rising from the Ashes

After taking time away for work and family, Michelle's ready to return. Find out how things will be changing and what plans she has now that the Zebra Pit has risen from the ashes.

7 People with Chiari and CCI Share Their Stories

Maura was diagnosed with Chiari I in 2007 at age 6 via a traditional horizontal MRI. “I had a decompression shortly after diagnosis and had significant relief for 8 months. After that symptoms returned but slightly differently, so I had a full decompression. Turns out it was craniocervical instability that caused the symptoms to return after the first decompression so the second decompression was ineffective.”

Lumbar Puncture

Lumbar Puncture can be a scary procedure to face for the diagnosis of #CSFleak, Intracranial hypertension, central nervous system dysfunction and many neurological illnesses. Get the facts aobut this procedure now, from beginning to end, so you know what to expect.